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Dr. Rich Petke

Flagstaff Business News recently had the opportunity to talk with Dr. Rich Petke, NMD.  He is the principal physician at All Ways Health, PLLC, a naturopathic family medical practice.  Dr. Petke’s practice is a holistic look at individuals compared to just treating a specific symptom.  The current political and economic climate present challenges for today’s health care practitioners, as Dr. Petke describes below.

1) What is your philosophy for providing service for Northern Arizonans?

Be the old fashion small town family doctor (as portrayed by the great American artist Norman Rockwell), but with a seamless blend of ancient wisdom and modern technology.  Everyone who walks through the door is a unique individual – one size never fits all!  Give people plenty of time to relate their concerns and be sure to really listen to them.  Work with, not on, those seeking your services.  Utilize both time-proven natural remedies and modern medicine; use the best for each situation.  Health, not just disease care, is our goal.  In order for an individual to be totally healthy they must be healthy in All Ways:  physically, emotionally, mentally, spiritually, etc.

2) What does All Ways Health, PLLC, offer that is unique in the region?

Besides being a naturopathic primary care family medical practice where the physicians look at the “whole person”, not just the body part of concern, All Ways Health offers several special services not easily found in northern Arizona:

• Primary care for special pediatrics (autism, autism spectrum, developmentally delayed, ADHD, learning challenges, etc.)

• Health care for adolescents.  Rapidly changing bodies have rapidly changing needs; with more freedom comes more opportunities and the need for risk management.

• Care and management of diabetes (all types, all ages) including insulin management.

• Medical hypnotherapy for accessing and addressing underlying causes of chronic illnesses.

3) How do you envision healthcare changing in regard to federal and state regulations?  

Health care costs continue to rise.  At the same time the federal government and all of the states are cutting expenses and unfortunately this includes expenditures in the areas of health care.  It doesn’t matter what federal or state health care legislation takes effect, is repealed, amended, or replaced, the reality is that Americans are going to be paying more “out of pocket” for their health care in the coming months and years.  Even mandated health insurance may not change this picture; you may have insurance but what that insurance covers is likely to be limited.

The new model will be physicians who are accessible, knowledgeable, and personable and who also offer simple, effective, and affordable health care options.  This is the model All Ways Health was founded to address.

4) What are some of the biggest changes coming to your field? 

Some of the biggest changes on the horizon for medicine include:

• An increase in the number of serious health conditions seen in the community as a result of families ignoring or postponing health care for cost reasons.

• Pending changes in federal and state laws and the corresponding changes in the health insurance industry, the final outcome of which is unknown at this time.

• Increased federal regulation of vitamins, nutrients, and “natural” medicines leading to their reduced availability and increased costs.

5) How do you see your practice evolving in 5 years?

All Ways Health will become known throughout northern Arizona as the premier example of a medical practice that specializes in personalized health care for the whole person utilizing simple, effective, and affordable treatments whenever possible.  In essence, All Ways Health will become the 21st century version of Norman Rockwell’s iconic family doctor’s office with its physicians known throughout the community as doctors who listen to their patients and know them as people.  The practice’s physical office may change over the years but the core values of the physicians will remain the same:

• Treat the cause of the patient’s illness, not just the symptoms.

• Treat the whole person.

• Educate the patient as knowledge is power.

• Remember and respect the healing power of nature and nurture when utilizing modern technologies.

More information is available at www.All-Ways-Health.com or by calling 928-779-1100.  All Ways Health, PLLC, 1301 W. University Ave., Ste 2, Flagstaff, AZ 86001.  Located in the Summit Health and Fitness building, one block west of the Harkins Theater.

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