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Top Trends in the Changing Workplace

The workplace is constantly evolving. Despite the maxim “the only constant is change,” change is something that continues to catch many of us off guard. Many teams are keeping up with the top three trends.

Challenging traditional structures is a hot topic; modern workplaces are creating flexibility with scheduling and remote options.

Work-life balance is a major value today; many employers are staying ahead of the curve and are creating initiatives and cultures that support this value.

Contemporary workplaces are placing major focus on retention efforts. They know that employees no longer stay in one job for decades, and they need to work hard to keep good people.

But staying ahead of the curve and changing from the status quo can be energy consuming and just plain hard. So, is it worth it?  If you want good employees to stay, be relevant and competitive in your field, and have people who enjoy coming to work, the answer is yes. For worthwhile change, it’s explained best by Robin Sharma. “Change is hard at first, messy in the middle, and gorgeous at the end.”

How do we adapt? How resilient are we? Fortunately, there is help. In our community, we have resources to assist business owners, employees and individuals to adapt and thrive.

Lancaster Consulting works to bring improvement to the lives of others. Lancaster Consulting specializes in working with teams in transition. With my background as a dean of education, career services director, agriculture extension agent in Africa, international team leader in Denmark, outdoor education director in the mountains of California and rock climbing specialist in California and Montana, I have seen change of all kinds.

Lancaster Consulting helps the organizations we serve have real conversations and create practical initiatives in four areas that impact the health of every organization: values, actions, culture and vision. Every organization I work with is always in transition, even if just on a small scale. Each thinks it is unique and has more change than the next guy. During change, the successful teams pay attention and intentionally create their futures. The less successful teams try to ignore or bulldoze through the changes, and futures are created with lack of design and vision.

Northern Arizona believes in putting efforts into staying on top of its changes. Seventy-five percent of Lancaster Consulting’s clientele is in Northern Arizona. Teams within the National Park Service, City of Flagstaff, W. L. Gore & Associates, Northern Arizona Council of Governments, Northern Arizona University, Grand Canyon Conservancy, Aspey, Watkins & Diesel, NAIPTA/Mountain Line, Coconino County, Yavapai County, Women Leading Government and Arizona Association of Counties believe that thriving is possible. Every group we work with is committed to reimagining work for the highest engagement and impact.

In 2018, Lancaster Consulting worked with 3,500 individuals. While many are familiar with our work in the professional workplace, what we offer really relates to human beings being human in all areas of life. A few years ago, I was often asked, “Julie, I love the stuff you offer. I love to learn and develop myself. But when can I come to one of your events?”

Lancaster Consulting strived to meet this need and bring these opportunities to the larger community. Since 2015, twice per year, we now offer retreats that are open to the public instead of just through employers. These retreats are part of a Women’s Leadership Academy offered in Northern Arizona.

Lancaster Consulting brings in panels of powerful women and commits to dynamic engagement and to only teach practical strategies. This month, participants will focus on “Your Leadership Presence.” This is a commonly requested topic, as many people want to be even more influential but don’t want to sacrifice authenticity. We recently brought this topic to the Arizona Law Enforcement Records Management Association and witnessed transformation and connection in a room of 80 professionals in just four hours.

In May 2019, the focus is “Stress Resilience and Everyday Mindfulness.” Recently working on this topic with Northern Arizona Human Resource Association, every HR professional can tell you the impacts in the workplace. Absenteeism, illness, low retention rates, low employee engagement and morale, and sluggish productivity are directly connected to stress and mindfulness. We spend approximately 90,360 hours at work in our lifetimes; learning how to be happier, more fulfilled and “in the moment” at work can pack a powerful punch. No wonder it’s such a trending topic in workplaces around the country.

Folks looking to attend these events public events on March 29 and May 17 can learn more at LancasterLeadership.com and use the discount code “FBN” to register by March 20 and receive $20 off. FBN

By Julie Lancaster

Julie Lancaster of Lancaster Consulting can be reached at julie@LancasterLeadership.com.


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