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Top Vote Getter Adam Shimoni and Minimum Wage Hike Moves Forward

The Coconino County Recorder’s Office is reporting more than 53% voter turnout for the November 2018 election.

Adam Shimoni was the top vote getter in the race for Flagstaff City Council, followed by Austin Aslan and Paul Deasy. Regina Salas is within a dozen votes of Deasy, so the outcome is still uncertain, as provisional ballots are counted.

The so-called Affordable Wages Act, Proposition 418, was defeated, which upholds the original hike in Flagstaff’s minimum wage. Proponents for the Yes on 418 argued that the $15 an hour minimum wage hike would hurt businesses and create an even higher cost of living in Flagstaff.

Proposition 419, a continuation of sales taxes for roads, pedestrian, and bicycle safety was easily passed.

Proposition 420, a sales tax to fund a Lone Tree Railroad overpass was passed by a narrow margin.

Proposition 422, which would have allowed for bonds to improve affordable housing in Flagstaff was narrowly defeated.

Proposition 422, which authorizes selling of general obligation bonds on behalf of the Flagstaff Unified School District, solidly passed with nearly 60% approval.

Proposition 424, the FUSD maintenance and operation budget override continuation also was easily passed.

For the Flagstaff Unified School District Governing Board, top vote getters are Carol Haden and Anne Dunno.

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