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When is Allergy Season in Northern Arizona?

It’s ragweed time again! It seems like allergies are a year-round problem in Northern Arizona. Why is that? We live in a unique climate because of the lower elevation areas surrounding Flagstaff. Pollen can travel very long distances, so we are also affected by allergy season in the Phoenix, Sedona and Cottonwood areas. So, when Flagstaff is covered with snow, juniper pollen travels from warmer climates. As the state heats up, people go outdoors, wildflowers bloom and ragweed comes to Flagstaff. Whether it is seasonal allergies, food allergies or asthma, there is no need to suffer. Get your life back! Don’t let an allergy or asthma knock you down.

As an allergy and asthma sufferer myself, I have a strong passion for what I do. I enjoy being very active and love all things adventure and outdoors. By getting asthma and allergies, which I have suffered from since childhood, under control, I have been able to pursue my passion for trail running, hiking and biking. I love helping others breathe easy, enjoy the outdoors, sleep well, and be active without the fears asthma can bring. FBN

By Lindsey Forstie, FNP

Lindsey Forstie, FNP, is an allergy specialist. The Vuori Health Allergy and Asthma Center is now seeing patients in its Sedona and Flagstaff clinics. The center offers personalized, same-day allergy skin testing, and an at-home treatment option with sublingual drops. For more information, visit vuorihealth.com or call 928-224-2834.

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Flagstaff: 2001 N. 4th St

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  1. Ben August 6, 2020 at 10:51 PM #

    That is wild how the juniper pollen can travel that far in the winter. I guess it makes sense with the winds we get up here in Northern Arizona!

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