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Woman Who Donates Bone Marrow Twice Tells Her Unlikely Story

In November 2018, Sharon Tewksbury-Bloom got a call that changed her life, and the life of a still unknown man forever. The call was from the Be the Match organization. Sharon was told she was a likely genetic match for a leukemia patient who was dying and needed a bone marrow donation. Sharon was very familiar with leukemia and bone marrow donation, having already donated her marrow for her sister as a young child.

Even though Sharon thought she knew what she had committed to when she registered to be a bone marrow donor, she had no idea what was about to unfold and how it would affect her. Her story includes unexpected twists and life and death consequences. Sharon shares the entire saga on Season Four of her podcast, Do Good, Be Good. The show is available for free on Apple Podcasts, Stitcher, Google Podcasts, and everywhere else you find podcasts. You can also listen at http://dogoodbegoodshow.com.

Past seasons of Do Good, Be Good, have taken the form of interviews with everyday people who are trying to be helpful. Sharon interviews these guests about the challenges they faced in their efforts to be helpful to others and what they learned along the way. After having such an intense and personal experience of becoming a bone marrow donor for the second time, Sharon decided it was worth it to switch chairs and take the role of the guest for this season. She hopes to educate people about bone marrow donation, spread awareness about the need for donors, and answer the plethora of questions she received about the process.

Season Four launches May 29, 2019 and will run for at least ten weeks with a new twenty minute episode launching every Wednesday. Listen to the show at http://dogoodbegoodshow.com or on Apple Podcasts, Stitcher, Google Music or your podcast purveyor of choice.

Contact Sharon Tewksbury-Bloom for any questions or feedback on the show at connect@sharonspeaks.com.



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