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Working to Preserve Forests

Pascal Berlioux’s passion is something this region could use right now: a solution for increasing the health of our forests. He has spent most of his time in Flagstaff working closely with people on all sides of forest issues, from scientists to environmentalists. If plans work out, Berlioux’s passion should translate to hundreds of jobs […]

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A Career of Caring for Creatures

She was not one of those children who grew up knowing she was going be a veterinarian. “It was not something girls grew up to be,” said Dr. Cheryl Howerton, owner of Alpine Animal Hospital in Flagstaff. “I wanted to be a teacher.” Still, she had an affinity for animals. “I brought a lot of […]

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A Sustainable and Native Livelihood

When the idea of using xeriscape landscaping in yards became popular, most people resigned themselves that to save water, they had to settle for what Nigel Sparks calls a “gravelscape” – nothing fancy or colorful, just efficient. “I think that is what people came to see and that was not the intention when xeriscaping started,” […]

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