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Flagstaff Airport: New Additions

With the addition of a second airline and new routes to Dallas, Denver and Los Angeles (seasonally), the Flagstaff Airport has seen a 52% increase in passenger traffic. By year-end, more than 220,000 passengers will have traveled through the terminal. In order to keep up with the influx of passengers, we have made recent additions.

New Hold Room Restrooms:

To support the increased number of customers traveling through the terminal and to encourage passengers to move inside the holding room at a faster pace, two new unisex restrooms have been added inside the holding room

New Lavatory Dumping Station:

The longer flights to Denver and Dallas require the airlines to service the lavatory on the aircraft. This project allows the airlines a place to dump, and reduce overall waste.

New Baggage X-ray Room:

To support the increased passengers, TSA has updated its bag X-ray machine. The new machine is too large to fit in the lobby area, so we removed the play area to accommodate relocation of the machine.

Closed-Circuit Television (CCTV): CCTV has been installed in various areas of the terminal to assist in assessing any security issues.


The staff has been working on airport parking. We realize that passengers are parking everywhere. We are issuing a Request for Information (RFI) to vendors to receive more information on an effective parking program. As the winter season draws closer, we will be issuing a press release, using an airport entry digital board, flyers and more to let patrons know they can’t park anywhere but the designated parking spots because of snow removal efforts.

We are always encouraging our flying patrons to be dropped off, picked up or use other transportation systems to get to the airport since we can’t assure you will find a parking spot.

The Flagstaff Airport is also working on a new airport rescue firefighting (ARFF) vehicle and new snow equipment that would be funded through FAA grants. Along with the snow equipment, we are looking for a grant-funded snow equipment building.

Thank you, Flagstaff and our surrounding areas, for “Always Flying Flagstaff First.” FBN

Barney Helmick is the airport director.


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