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How to Conduct Effective Open Enrollment Meetings with Social Distancing

I am sure employee benefit open enrollment meetings are far from most HR/business owners’ top priority during these incredibly challenging times. However, employee benefit renewals are still an important yearly event and the recent “shelter in place” requirement is likely to disrupt the way you typically run them.

With a little forethought, planning and easily accessible technology, open enrollment can continue without a hitch. Here are a few suggestions.


Communicate with employees Since this may be a newer process to most, pre-open enrollment communication is key to prepare your employees. Let your employees know that you and your broker will be there to assist along the way.

Use an online enrollment platform such as Ease or Employee Navigator.Most brokers offer these systems free of charge and will load the systems with all of the information needed to communicate and enroll your employees. Embed short product videos into the online system for additional education. You can also embed a much-needed personally recorded message from the owner or HR.

Use a web-based meeting system such as Zoom. If possible, pre-record and edit your presentation so that it can be shared via email or posted on YouTube.

Provide scheduled times that HR and your broker can be available Conversations can occur via phone or conference calls for specific questions. Since many of us are working remotely, this could be an added benefit.

Consider having an online question and answer session. Employees can stay informed by being able to ask questions and observe responses.

Look at this as an opportunity to enhance and maybe even make the open enrollment process more efficient for both you and your employees.  If you are not currently using an online enrollment system, this is a great way to start a fresh. Not sure where to start? Give me call or send me a message and I would be happy to help. FBN

By Ed Gussio

For more information or to have a free employee benefit consultation, please contact Ed Gussio at Crest Insurance Group.


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