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NAU Refreshes Messaging on Community Commitments, Educational Value

ChengThere are great things happening at Northern Arizona University, and we are shouting it from the rooftops – quite literally! On billboards, light poles and social media you can see updated photos and messages that broadcast our successes and our goals.

We hope you enjoy the high-quality new images and strong statements, but we especially want you to understand the vision behind them. For more than a year, we have worked with thousands of our students, supporters and community leaders to evaluate NAU’s strengths and unique mission. The insight we received showed us how to communicate more effectively, in the community and to a broader audience.

It showed us how to share the value of our strong ties to our neighbors, like the community relations position we recently added to our team and the neighborhood liaison position we created in partnership with the City of Flagstaff. Our relationships here are a foundation of the NAU legacy; we protect them not only with our messaging, but also with our actions. We need the support of our community to succeed, to stay competitive, to educate a changing workforce and to satisfy the needs and growing demands of a changing student population.

We want our communications to share the strengths we have because of our community ties. The updated messages you will see on campus, around town and throughout the state communicate to a wide range of audiences. We want our community to know we care. We want potential students to see the dedication we have to a quality student experience and we want parents to see how well prepared our graduates are for their careers. We want researchers to know our commitment to innovation, discovery and service. We want employers and investors to understand the value of an NAU degree so they are even more eager to hire our graduates. We want those at home to know the great options they have on campus and online, and we want those from outside Arizona to know that NAU is among the great institutions of our time. In short, we want to share the many ways we help envision success.

One of the messages we emphasize in this outreach effort says it all: a better world won’t wait. At NAU, we are working every day to solve problems and create knowledge. We are dedicated to our community and driven toward solutions. And we want the world to know. FBN

By Rita Cheng





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