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NAU on the Front Lines of Coronavirus Response

In the past months, Northern Arizona University’s leadership has focused its efforts on ensuring the health, safety and well-being of our Lumberjack and surrounding communities. COVID-19, its far-reaching impacts, and our preparation and response, have been our utmost priority. NAU has worked diligently to leverage our resources and expertise to serve our communities and our […]

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Welcoming Maher to NAU

Northern Arizona University recently welcomed Joshua Maher as the new associate vice president for community relations. An experienced public servant with a strong background in higher education and municipal government, Maher is a great resource for Northern Arizona University and communities across all NAU campuses. Maher joined NAU from the California State Polytechnic University in […]

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Daniel Palm

Higher Education and the Case for International Engagement

In my role leading global initiatives at Northern Arizona University, I am often asked about the value of the university’s efforts to engage internationally. The impact of NAU’s relationships beyond the borders of Flagstaff, the state of Arizona and the United States is far reaching and benefits students and faculty who travel overseas, and international […]

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CCC C-LAB Opens for Students to Gain Hands-On Skills

Coconino Community College alumnus William Gonzales stood in the space with a smile on his face. He ran his hand along the workstation, felt the sawdust. The smell of newness filled the shop. Metal surfaces, once dull, gleamed. Tools, ready for use, lined walls. “This is just so amazing,” Gonzales said, glancing around. “I wish […]

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Fighting Melanoma with Zebrafish

Melanoma is the most lethal type of skin cancer and is unusually common in Arizona, where residents are exposed to higher-than-average amounts of ultraviolet radiation. However, Northern Arizona University scientists believe the formula for a combination of melanoma-fighting drugs is within reach. Matthew Salanga, an assistant professor in NAU’s Department of Biological Sciences, is leading […]

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NAU is No. 75 in National Research Ranking

For the first time in its 120-year history, Northern Arizona University broke through the country’s top 200 research universities, reaching No. 196 in the National Science Foundation’s (NSF) research rankings for all universities in the country and No. 144 among all public universities. It also rose to No. 93 among all universities without a medical […]

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Tip of the ICEBERG: NAU Planetary Scientists Developing Large-Scale ‘Imagery-Computing Superhighway’

Scientists are creating ways to compile and interpret an abundance of high-resolution satellite images on a continental scale to better understand Antarctica, Arizona and the world. The same sophisticated satellite imaging techniques being developed to map and identify the size and composition of uncharted land in Antarctica soon may help scientists produce finely detailed geologic […]

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Developing a Workforce for the New Economy; Spurring Economic Development in Arizona

As the holiday season approaches, we look forward to spending time with family and friends. The Northern Arizona University community also looks forward to starting a new calendar year, filled with hopes, dreams and aspirations. A brand-new semester provides an opportunity to meet new people and reunite with others on our campuses. Along with our […]

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Maggie Barrera Proves Tenacity is a Winning Trait

People find inspiration from a variety of sources. For Maggie Barrera, it came from being told she wasn’t good – at playing volleyball, that is. She worked hard and ultimately proved her doubters wrong, turning herself into an outstanding player and one of Northern Arizona University’s most decorated volleyball players ever. Barrera grew up in […]

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