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Run, Walk for Life

hoganNow that spring is quickly approaching, runners and bicyclists have taken to the streets to warm their muscles in the sunshine. Of course, with the number of trails that Flagstaff provides, there are plenty of options for runners to choose. Buffalo Park and the Flagstaff Urban Trail System are both excellent locations for those looking to exercise and shake off the cold weather.

At Northland Hospice and Palliative Care (dba Vista Hospice), our goal is to guide our participants through times of transition and difficulty. One of the best ways to get through trying times is to exercise. Running, cycling or swimming a few laps often helps to lift spirits.

Losing a loved one is difficult to describe, but many avid exercisers will tell you that getting outside helps them put their mind at ease. Even a walk or a quick jaunt through the woods is just enough to give a new perspective of the day. By participating in exercise such as running or walking outdoors, those who are grieving or experiencing a difficult time may feel refreshed by the crisp alpine air.

This is where NorthlandHospice and Palliative Care (dba) Vista Hospice can help. Besides the extensive caregiver training, counseling and hospice care we provide, we would like to announce our 18th Annual Run & Walk for Life. Participants have continuously come back to run year after year to remember their loved ones.

The Run and Walk for Life 2016 is Saturday, June 25, and will feature a Kids’ Run, 5K and 10K. Participants can take the course at their own pace and will be rewarded with a t-shirt that they can wear during the race. Children will receive rewards as well! We want to encourage people of all ages to get outside and enjoy the fresh air that Flagstaff has to offer. We would also like to take the opportunity to hold this race in remembrance of the loved ones we have lost. A little exercise can certainly help ease the pain and stress that comes along with difficult times.

Northland Hospice and Palliative Care (dba) Vista Hospice is partnering with Run Flagstaff Summer Run Series to put on this exciting event. We are looking forward to seeing all of the runners and walkers from around Northern Arizona come out and participate. For those interested in participating, visit VistaHospice.org.


We would also like to extend to our local community and business partners the opportunity to sponsor our event. For inquiries or questions, please contact Kathy Simmons at 928-779-1227 or via email at ksimmons@vistahospice.org.

With 2016 in full swing, we are looking forward to the warm spring and summer weather ahead. We hope that the sunny air warms Flagstaff and we look forward to seeing you at the run! FBN

By Kendal Hogan

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