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Updating County Community Development Plans

Coconino County Community Development has been working to update the county subdivision ordinance, the county zoning ordinance and community area plans. Community development staff, with the assistance of a consultant, completed a draft update to the county subdivision ordinance, which was approved by the Board of Supervisors on May 21. This two-year project had significant […]

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County Preparing for Ready, Set, Go 

Coconino County has recently implemented a new program called Ready, Set, Go! designed to ensure that citizens are prepared for wildfires and other disasters. The program was initially launched in 2011 and has since been adopted by the Coconino County Sheriff and the Arizona Sheriff’s Association, as well as several local fire organizations. As a […]

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County Helping Needy

The strength of a family and the vitality of a community are symbiotic relationships: When one suffers, its impact is almost immediately felt on the other. Countless studies have shown that unstable households can lead to increased crime and other social issues. Such households can also leave lasting emotional scars on others left to cope […]

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Coconino County Fair Underway

The 63rd Annual Coconino County Fair kicks is underway and runs until Monday, Sept. 3 at the County Fairgrounds at Fort Tuthill County Park, where organizers promise ample fun for the whole herd. Every year, approximately 45,000 County residents and visitors flock to the fairgrounds south of Flagstaff at Exit 337, off Interstate 17, on […]

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