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Facebook Strategy Luncheon Seminar

Aug. 25. 11:30-1:00 Social Media Strategist Jay Baer will present a seminar via Adobe Connect, entitled, A Method to the Madness. People can watch the discussion at NACET, 2225 N. Gemini Drive, or watch from home or  the office. For those of you planning to watch the seminar remotely, follow the link below. To join […]

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Making Bookkeeping Easier

May 5    NACET Luncheon seminar 11:30-1:00   The fact of the matter is you have to do bookkeeping for your business.  We’ll talk about tips and tricks to streamline your accounting and record keeping tasks.  We’ll also talk about controlling all that paper by going paperless as well as tools for the mobile office. 2225 […]

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Time Management Seminar -NACET

Apr. 28th  11:30-1:00  The no cost luncheon seminar will be held at  2225 N. Gemini Dr., Flagstaff. Time management isn’t all about calendars, lists, and software to manage your work day. It’s about bringing focus and balance into your life. Join BelleWether Group’s Trish Rensink and Jamey Hasapis as they share techniques to help you […]

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