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Why Communication is Essential in the Real Estate Process

We’ve all heard the saying, “No news is good news,” right? Well, not necessarily in the real estate process. While not hearing anything could be deemed as everything is moving along smoothly, it could also mean there are critical dates and deadlines being missed. There should be one person at the helm of the entire […]

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Paula Mack

Vacation Rentals in Flagstaff: A Love Story?

No doubt, most everyone who travels in Flagstaff and elsewhere around the world has heard of or participated in vacation rentals of privately-owned residences.  Of course, renting a room to a tenant is nothing new, but the number of vacation short-term rentals hosted by online providers has surged everywhere, especially in destination locations like Flagstaff.  […]

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russ lyon

How is the Market?

How is the market? This is one of the most frequent questions asked of a realtor by their friends, family, neighbors and clients. The easy answer, of course, is, “The market is great!” Interest rates are still low for home financing, new construction opportunities are available in Flagstaff, and with the right presentation, pricing and […]

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