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Employing Apps in the Workplace

With the advent of technology in our lives, apps are becoming more prevalent in our day-to-day existence. You may have an app to deposit your check or to listen to your music or to chat with a friend. With apps becoming the norm, it is more and more likely that you use an app for […]

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Tapping into the Power of Diversity in the Workplace

Diversity is a popular term in the business world and in our culture. It’s often equated with success in the workplace. Incorporating diversity into our lives is so important there is even a national “Celebrate Diversity Month” (in April) to focus attention on the value of diversity. But is diversity alone enough to make a business […]

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Management Styles Making Workplace Great

Effective personnel management is key to employee satisfaction and productivity. Some Flagstaff businesses use unique management philosophies to transform a good workplace into a great place. Three Flagstaff businesses that embrace such management styles are PuroClean, True North Dentistry and W. L. Gore & Associates. W. L. Gore & Associates appears on every list of […]

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