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Weston Brings Midwestern Values to Southwestern Law

Duane Weston is an attorney who has been practicing business law for more than 28 years in Flagstaff. He can handle legal matters ranging from contract law to mechanic’s liens to forming LLCs and corporations. He also specializes in land development, including rezoning and conditional use permits. However, he did not always think he was going to end up in the law profession.

Weston was raised in rural Nebraska, near the town of Valentine, where he attended a one-room schoolhouse with one teacher from kindergarten to 8th grade. School did not always keep him busy, but his father’s businesses did. His father owned and operated a ranch as well as a fertilizer business, where the whole family was expected to pitch in.

“As soon as I was old enough to handle tools, I started working. I spent every summer baling hay, working cattle and operating equipment. Anything that needed to get done, you were expected to do it,” he said.

His Midwestern upbringing and time on the ranch instilled a strong work ethic into his core as well as dependability and self-sufficiency. All of these values proved to be useful later in his academic and professional careers. He completed his undergraduate work in business at the University of Denver, and later, finished law school at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln.

After taking a trip out West with his wife, Caroline Pilkington, the two decided they loved Flagstaff. They made the move in 1989.

After working together at another Flagstaff law firm, Weston and his good friend and law partner, Jay McCarthy, decided to open up their own law firm. Today, McCarthyWeston PLLC has been helping clients for more than 10 years.

Weston says he brings foresight to those seeking legal advice. “I try to anticipate the issues my clients might run into, so that we can avoid them in the first place.”

Weston has helped many developments in the Flagstaff area. He was the local counsel for NextEra Energy, and he helped develop a utility-scale wind farm north of Williams. It was designed to provide clean energy for up to 25,000 houses.

His wife runs her owns business, Pilkington Advertising Design. They have two sons. The oldest, James, lives in Buffalo, New York and works as a Data Analyst for M&T Bank. Josh, the youngest, is studying business at Arizona State University.

The couple, now empty nesters, notice how quiet the house is. “It is a different atmosphere without the kids,” he said. The two now plan to travel and catch up with their sons. “We are getting together at Zion for Thanksgiving this year.”


McCarthyWeston, PLLC, is located at 508 N. Humphrey St. For more information, call 928-779-4252.


Who do you admire?

“I admire my law partner, Jay McCarthy. First of all, he’s from Nebraska. But also, Jay is an up-standing person with such a great sense of empathy, and his actions and career have always backed that. I couldn’t imagine running a business with anyone else.”

What character traits do you most admire in others?

“Honesty, integrity, commitment and follow through.”


What’s your favorite restaurant?

“Satchmo’s BBQ!”


What was your last indulgence?

“My sons and I took a driving/camping trip to Alaska this summer.”


What is your next adventure?

“We are going to see my oldest in New York in October.”


McCarthyWeston, PLLC, is located at 508 N. Humphrey St. For more information, call 928-779-4252.


By Patty McCormac, FBN





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