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What is Your Real Estate Love Language?

Love languages. We all have them. The definition of a “love language” is the way we most often express our love to others (or feel loved by others). Real estate is such an emotional and personal experience for buyers (whether a first-time buyer or seasoned investor), that we can talk about “falling in love” with a special piece of real estate. Each buyer has his or her own real estate love language. The key is for your realtor to figure out your love language and find properties that tug on your heartstrings!



Location, location, location. Probably the most popular of the real estate love languages. On a macro level, the majority of Flagstaff has this language locked down – because we live in the most beautiful town. But with the micro-intricacies of Flagstaff’s various subdivisions, this is where a skilled real estate agent really gets to shine. Buyers need to be asked what is important to them: close to a certain school, the national forest, a particular golf club, views of the peaks, land for animals and the list goes on. There are hundreds of subdivisions in Flagstaff, and all come with their own set of Conditions, Covenants, and Restrictions (CCRs) and HOA regulations. Or, some neighborhoods come with no restrictions at all! Location means more than just where, it also means what restrictions you are going to be asked to uphold – a qualified, full-time realtor can walk you through all of these particulars.



Some buyers are attracted to a beautiful house. Their love language is visual, and they “know it when they see it!” With a visual love language, beautiful comes in a variety of shapes, sizes, floor-plans, designs and landscaping. The first impression, the curb appeal, speaks to such buyers. They often know they love it even entering the home. It is fun to work with buyers who have a vision and consider each house against their “standard.” I recently sold a home that was built in 1896 to a Flagstaff couple. This home was close to 122 years old, had been condemned, and soon to be demolished. Not to this couple! Their internal picture looked past the age and condition and allowed them to visualize turning an eye-sore into one of the most beautiful homes in town (and restoring some of Flagstaff’s history and culture). Beauty truly is in the eye of the beholder.



Some buyers feed their love language by investing in real estate. They enjoy finding a property that covers their bills and earns a substantial return on investment. Buyers who are looking to diversify their portfolios must always consider real estate. Certainly, investing in gold, stocks and bonds is fine, but in a time of potentially high inflation (something we will likely be facing over the coming years), tangible “real” investments are the wise choice. Real estate is a real commodity, and therefore a great hedge against inflation. When done right, owners leverage their investment and the tenant pays the mortgage. Someone else pays the mortgage – no wonder that’s a love language! And don’t forget the appreciation on the real estate value, that’s the real icing on the cake. (Did someone say cake? That’s my love language!)



The livability and functionality of a piece of real estate is the love language of many. How well the space lives, flows and works is the floor plan of a property. Some homes, offices or commercial buildings just feel right. Others, not so much. With homes, for example, split floor-plans are the current popular option. With split floor-plans, the master bedroom is located on the opposite side of the home from the other bedrooms. This helps create privacy and sanctuary. Buyers with a functionality love language walk the space of their potential new home with an eye towards where they’ll place a particular piece of furniture, which will be their bedroom, and if the kitchen and dining room are logically oriented.



You choose the way you want to LIVE. Living in a golf community in Flagstaff, for example, is a lifestyle choice. The lifestyle love language is what motivates Phoenicians to get out of the heat and buy a home in the cool pines of Flagstaff. These buyers need to consider which of the four private golf communities that Flagstaff has to offer will best match their particular lifestyle love language. And that’s where the fun is, matching various facets of the Flagstaff lifestyle (golf, the outdoors, urban living, equestrian or family living), with the buyer.


So, now, answer the question: what is YOUR Real Estate Love Language? FBN

By Blake Cain

Blake Cain is a REALTOR with Russ Lyon Sotheby’s Intl. Realty. He can be reached at 928-856-9071 or visit him online at blakecain.com.


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