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Exploring the Spooky Side of Real Estate

Happy Halloween, and happy house hunting – or so we think. Not all homes are brand new with fresh paint, sparkling countertops and new finishes. Some homes have an uneasy past, or even a creepy former life. It is well known that Flagstaff has many haunted accounts. Google “Haunted Flagstaff” to discover that multiple hotels […]

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Dylan Kennedy

Inciting the Senses When Selling a Home

A realtor’s new listing is much like a child. It needs nurturing, full attention and skill to see it to fruition. Realtors commonly use professional photographers in order to market and portray the property in the best possible light and sellers spend countless hours decluttering and investing sizable sums refurbishing, cleaning and painting, all in […]

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Paula Mack

Vacation Rentals in Flagstaff: A Love Story?

No doubt, most everyone who travels in Flagstaff and elsewhere around the world has heard of or participated in vacation rentals of privately-owned residences.  Of course, renting a room to a tenant is nothing new, but the number of vacation short-term rentals hosted by online providers has surged everywhere, especially in destination locations like Flagstaff.  […]

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Preparing Your Home to Sell  

Spring is in the air! The real estate market is beginning to warm up. Many home sellers are embarking on the daunting task of prepping their home for a spring/summer sale. Traditionally, these warmer months bring increased energy to the Flagstaff real estate market. According to NAAR’s 2019 Profile of Home Staging, “When staging a […]

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real estate

Why Communication is Essential in the Real Estate Process

We’ve all heard the saying, “No news is good news,” right? Well, not necessarily in the real estate process. While not hearing anything could be deemed as everything is moving along smoothly, it could also mean there are critical dates and deadlines being missed. There should be one person at the helm of the entire […]

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Considering Real Estate Investments

Love Flagstaff? Already own a house? Have you thought of buying another? Driving around Flagstaff, it’s hard to not notice all the building and improvements happening in all parts of town. The Standard, The Hub, Switzer Mesa, Timber Sky and many more. Residential real estate in Flagstaff has jumped 38 percent since 2015. The average […]

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