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Office Space Momentum Anticipated in the New Year

There is no doubt, COVID-19 has had a colossal impact on how and where we do business. Now, as we usher in the new year with a massive rollout of vaccines, Americans are optimistic about an end to our “new normal,” healing for an exhausted healthcare industry and recovery for an ailing economy. However, economists […]

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Real Estate Market Maintaining Momentum in the New Year

Staying strong since last June, the housing market on the local, state and national level has risen to a 14-year high, despite the pandemic, economic uncertainty and a difficult presidential election. Even during historically slow periods, like the holiday season, homebuyers are quickly purchasing the few homes listed for sale. The shortage of housing inventory […]

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Hot Sauce Entrepreneur Pours Himself into Real Estate

Tangy condiments and Mexican food specialties don’t necessarily mix with real estate, but for one Flagstaff realtor, the combination makes the perfect blend. After achieving great success with his popular hot sauce, tortillas and tamales, local entrepreneur and owner of RisingHy and Tortilla Lady, Michael Konefal has added realtor to his resume. “I’ve always had […]

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Paula Mack

Exploring the Post-Pandemic World of Real Estate

Now that you are working and schooling in your Flagstaff home, are you thinking of making a couple of improvements? Welcome to our post-pandemic world of real estate! According to the National Association of Realtors, what we envision for 2020-2021 pandemic and post-pandemic homes may not surprise you. Nationally, the most popular improvements are focused […]

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Why Communication is Essential in the Real Estate Process

We’ve all heard the saying, “No news is good news,” right? Well, not necessarily in the real estate process. While not hearing anything could be deemed as everything is moving along smoothly, it could also mean there are critical dates and deadlines being missed. There should be one person at the helm of the entire […]

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Arizona Leads Nation In Homeownership Growth

 Arizona is adding homeowners faster than any state in the nation, a sign of continued growing economic momentum in the state. The state’s quarter-over-quarter homeowner rate change increased by 7.7 percentage points in Q2 2020, according to data from the U.S. Census Bureau, the best in the nation.“The American dream of owning a home is alive and […]

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Paula Mack

Examining the Real Estate Market from the Trenches

This has been a remarkable year in many ways, but a very unusual year for the residential real estate market in Flagstaff.  January and February seemed a bit busier than our previous early 2019 reports, but nothing prepared those in the real estate industry for what was to come. After the COVID-19 pandemic changed the […]

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Real Estate – Behind the Scenes

Do you ever wonder what your real estate agent is doing for you while his or her sign is posted in your front yard? Or maybe you ask yourself how much is my realtor helping with the largest purchase I’ll likely make in my lifetime? And what’s that six percent commission really buying me? The […]

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Exploring the Spooky Side of Real Estate

Happy Halloween, and happy house hunting – or so we think. Not all homes are brand new with fresh paint, sparkling countertops and new finishes. Some homes have an uneasy past, or even a creepy former life. It is well known that Flagstaff has many haunted accounts. Google “Haunted Flagstaff” to discover that multiple hotels […]

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