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Armando Bernasconi

How Non-Profits and Charitable Giving Changed in 2020

When a 75-foot Norway Spruce was delivered to Rockefeller Center to serve as the complex’s iconic Christmas tree this year, it showed up looking a little worse for wear. It was bedraggled and a bit scraggly. It was shedding its thin needles all over the place. It was described as a really tall Charlie Brown […]

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Armando Bernasconi

How Quality Connections Removes Barriers to the Workplace

When we empower people with disabilities and remove the barriers that keep them from the workforce, everybody wins. For the person with disabilities, it’s a chance to be gainfully employed and therefore more independent. For communities, it means more people contributing their work and taxes to society. But the biggest winners might be the companies […]

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Quality Connections,Bernasconi

Defining ‘Conscious Capitalism’

Most people know about “corporate social responsibility” (CSR) or have heard of a business being a “good corporate citizen” by supporting non-profits or encouraging their workers to volunteer in the community. Less known is the more recent movement called “conscious capitalism.” It’s the next step that many companies – including Quality Connections – are taking […]

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QC Learning at Frontiere 2000px (1)

QC Learning Finds Temporary Home at Frontiere

For more than 20 years, Quality Connections has helped individuals with disabilities become independent, productive members of our community by providing them with employment opportunities, job training and practical life learning programs. Most people are familiar with us through QC Office, which provides businesses with everything from reams of copy paper to office furnishings, while […]

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