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Go Daddy Expansion Creating 300 AZ Jobs

Governor Jan Brewer today was proud to stand with GoDaddy, the Web’s top platform for small businesses, as executives with the Arizona-based company announced plans for a significant expansion in Tempe. The expansion is expected to generate 300 quality, new jobs for the fast-growing provider of Web domain names, Web hosting and SSL.   Joining […]

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Bioscience Jobs Fueling Economic Growth

Arizona’s bioscience sector added jobs at nearly four times the national rate over the past decade and experienced double-digit job growth during the economic recovery, a new report shows.   The new performance analysis of Arizona’s bioscience sector, commissioned by the Flinn Foundation, also found that the number of bioscience establishments in Arizona continues to […]

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Forest Restoration Creating 1,000 Jobs

The Four Forest Restoration Initiative (4FRI) is currently the nation’s largest collaborative effort designed to restore ecosystems in United States forests. The four National Forests involved with this project, Coconino, Kaibab, Apache-Sitgreaves and Tonto, are poised to see a significant change potentially affecting more than just the environment. It is also anticipated to have a […]

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Business Accelerator to Create 300 Jobs

Expanding beyond the initial phase of incubating a new business is accelerating a growing business. This is the first goal at the city of Flagstaff’s Innovation Mesa, where the city intends to build a business accelerator adjacent to the current location of Northern Arizona Center for Entrepreneurship and Technology (NACET) by Buffalo Park. The accelerator […]

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Kirkpatrick Attends Jobs Meeting

For her first stop on a two-week “Arizona Values, Arizona First” tour of nearly 20 cities and towns across Congressional District 1, Ann Kirkpatrick  attended a community meeting in Holbrook addressing concerns about the local economies of Eastern Arizona.Jobs are critically important in CD1, and even moreso in light of recent news that Catalyst Paper […]

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Local Teens Securing First Jobs

When Tiffany Halvorsen was 15, she applied for her very first job at Chick-fil-A. She recalls, “I was super nervous, and I don’t know why. When you first get a job anywhere, you just want someone to call you back.” Now 19 and studying forestry at NAU, she is grateful for the interviewing and time […]

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Gosar Introducing Jobs Bill

U.S. Congressman Paul Gosar, is introducing a jobs bill relating to the Arizona Land Exchange and Conservation Act.  It is estimated that HR 1904 will create 1,000 direct jobs, 5,000 indirect jobs and provide an economic impact of over $800 million for Arizona yearly for the next 25-50 years. In a video statement Gosar said, […]

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Workshop on Unemployment Benefits

Dec 8   Flagstaff Jobs2010 is offering a workshop for people who will be losing unemployment benefits.  Topics will include coping skills and availability of services in the community.  The workshop will include a community resource panel with information from at least five local non profits who may have applicable services. The event will be […]

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