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Uncomfortable? Good.

Growth only happens when you stretch. It’s when you’re uncomfortable, when you push yourself, when you struggle, that you break through to new capabilities. In startups and entrepreneurship, especially a first startup, it all feels like a stretch. Because it is. You never know what you can do until you do it for the first […]

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FIBA Getting New Board Members

Showing their love for locally-owned business, four Flagstaff business owners have just joined the board of the Flagstaff independent Business Alliance (FiBA). “As the owner of a local business, I know firsthand the importance of independent businesses supporting each other,” explains Ruth Austin, FiBA Vice-President. FiBA, a grassroots business networking organization founded in 2003, announces […]

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What are Northern Arizonans Predicting for 2012?

January always brings customary predictions for what the New Year will hold. While some laugh at Doomsday prophesies based on Mayan calendars, others are concerned about the election year, the economy or business opportunities. One thing is for sure, 2012 offers an abundance of events ripe for prognostication. Flagstaff Business News asked Northern Arizonans what […]

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Little America’s Big Holiday Plans

The Little America Hotel has been a staple in Northern Arizona for over 38 years. The longevity of this beautiful property comes from a strong dedication to the Flagstaff community, providing great service, a quality establishment and always seeking to establish a tradition of excellence in every facet of business. The Little America Hotel generously […]

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Snowbowl Upgrades to Benefit Skiers and the Economy

As construction on upgrades continue at Arizona Snowbowl in preparation for the upcoming season, many people have been curious about what is underway on the mountain. In this Flagstaff Business News exclusive, the resort’s general manager, J.R. Murray, shared his enthusiasm about the improvements, which include infrastructure of snowmaking equipment.   FBN: How are the […]

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Arizona’s Hunting Season Creating Economic Influx

Web Exclusive: Flagstaff Business News interview with Chris Williams. Hunting season is underway in Northern Arizona. FBN had the opportunity to speak with Chris Williams, owner of Trapper’s Den in Lakeside.  He’s lived in the area for about 30 years, working in the taxidermy trade since before then.  Williams describes the economic impact of hunting […]

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Business Book Discussion

Sept. 28   7:00 pm. Flagstaff Business News Book Reviewer and Reporter Constance DeVereaux will be leading the Business Roundhouse discussion each month at Barnes and Noble.  Each month, DeVereaux  will engage with you in discussion of a new business book.  September’s business book is What Makes Business Rock by former MTV chairman, Bill Roedy.Buy your […]

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Longtime Flagstaff Business owner Julie Sullivan is a graphic designer and marketer, who has nearly three decades working with other businesses and nonprofits.   In this FBN Web Exclusive, the owner of Luckygirl Productions, says businesses need to understand branding on a deeper level, a process involving analysis of a the company’s structure and mission. […]

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New Business Displaying at Art Walk

Flagstaff business owners Maureen Adras and Leslie Jackson  will display some of their works at the First Friday Artwalk.  The owners of BoldCow make recycling furniture into an art form.  The one-of-a-kind furniture is taken through many stages before it is considered ready for sale. Jackson and Adras are featuring their work at The Seasoned […]

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