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T Paul Thomas

Focus on Five Things to Be a Great Leader

Over the last several months, I have received emails or have had students stop by my office and ask what it takes to become a CEO. I really don’t know if there are steps to get there, but in my experience, if you are a great leader, you will eventually become a CEO. I’ve put […]

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Becoming a Leader

You may be the boss, but are you a leader? Bosses order, leaders persuade. People obey bosses. People follow leaders. Being bossed brings drudgery. Being led brings fulfillment. Bosses order people about using carrots and sticks, coercing their underlings to do what the boss wants. In some cases, this may be effective … for a […]

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New Senior VP For Sunwest Bank

Sunwest Bank, one of the healthiest community banks in the Western Region of the United States, has hired leading Orange County banker Matt Rogers as Senior Vice President and Team Leader in the Commercial Banking group. Rogers will manage a team of lenders specializing in rediscount lines of credit for specialty finance companies, along with […]

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