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Hearing Loss in Children

The incidence of hearing loss in children is higher than you might expect. Studies have shown that newborn hearing screenings identify from one to four out of 1,000 babies tested, depending on the research cited. Most hospitals offer newborn hearing screening and many audiologists offer the test in their office for the babies missed at […]

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Taking Three Steps for Healthy Weight Loss

Surely many of you have declared 2012 the year to make the change and drop some weight. You will find no shortage of opinions and resources available to you claiming quick results with minimal effort on your behalf. But what truly is the best way to lose weight? Just like most issues in medicine, the […]

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Post Office Adjusting to Changing Needs

While it is the busiest time of year for the U.S. Postal Service, the federal agency continues to lose money.  Next month, the U.S. Postal Regulatory Commission plans to review 3,653 post offices for possible closure.  Those potential closures could significantly change postal service in the United States.   Beginning January 22, 2012, the cost […]

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Rising From the Ground…Building an Energy Star Home

This is the third installment in a series chronicling the steps to building an energy efficient home based on a current project here in Flagstaff. We are building a house for a professor just north of NAU who is prioritizing energy efficiency. The first two articles covered the basics of getting out of the ground. […]

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Casualties, Disasters, Thefts & Taxes

You are going along and living your life to the best you can and then all of a sudden, something bad happens. It could be anything, an accident, a robbery, or a natural (or unnatural) disaster. You’re asking yourself “What now?” The short answer is: file a claim on your insurance and go from there. […]

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Plan for Restoring Northern Arizona’s Forests

There is no question that forest fires can leave devastation and great economic loss after they are extinguished. Last year’s fires near Flagstaff cost taxpayers millions of dollars, and the aftermath caused a significant amount of flooding near Doney Park. That is why several community leaders, environmentalists, scientists, and state forest service officials are hammering […]

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