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When is the Best Time to Buy a Vehicle?

It has been a long recovery for the auto industry and 2015 represented the sixth year of overall U.S. sales growth since 2009. Manufacturers have recovered and their ability to forecast vehicle sales has improved as the economy becomes more stable. However, there are many factors at the manufacturer level, dealership level and personal level […]

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Travel Restrictions on Coconino Forest Beginning Soon

On May 1, the Coconino National Forest will implement the Travel Management Rule, which is mandated across all national forests and prohibits motor vehicle use off designated routes and roads.  The purpose of the Rule is to provide for appropriate motorized access and motorized recreation opportunities while protecting important forest resources and non-motorized recreation opportunities. […]

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Restrictions Affecting Forest Off-Roading

Plans to close more than 3,000 miles of Coconino National forestland to motorized vehicles is raising the ire of many groups. The closure means nearly half of the rural forest roads currently open will close in February. Groups on both sides of this issue have been meeting for six years to come up with a […]

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Lean, Green, Exhaust-Fighting Machines

  Automotive acronyms like 4×4, SUV and FWD readily roll off the tongues of most Northern Arizona consumers. But when a new generation of electric vehicles rolls off assembly lines later this year, auto aficionados will be speaking a new acronymic language. For instance, EV translates to electric vehicle. Simple enough. Add an H and […]

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