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The Navajo Nation Gaming Enterprise Distributes $1.5 Million to Benefit Navajo People

NAVAjogamingIn accordance with The Navajo Nation Gaming Enterprises’ (Navajo Gaming) plan of operation, and through the approval of its Gaming Board, Navajo Gaming, led by Derrick Watchman, CEO recently made a $1.5 Million distribution to the Gaming Distribution Fund. The $1.5 Million distribution, along with Navajo Gaming’s previous $6 Million distribution, reflects the hard work of 1,200 Navajo Gaming team members, 83% of which are Navajo.
“We are honored to fulfill our obligations and make these distributions, which are to benefit the Navajo people,” states Derrick Watchman, Navajo Gaming CEO. “Navajo Gaming is strong and growing with four properties that are vital parts of the community and provide high-quality jobs, stability and hope for 1,200 families on the Reservation and across New Mexico and Northern Arizona.”
According to Navajo Nation law, The Navajo Nation Gaming Enterprise distributes revenue into the Navajo Nation Gaming Distribution Fund. From there, the Navajo Nation Council determines application of this $1.5 Million Distribution and previous $6 Million Distribution to individual chapters for needs such as infrastructure, housing, economic development and education.
Watchman added, “In addition to expressing gratitude to the Council, President, Speaker and our host Chapters for their support of Navajo Gaming, we wish to thank our 1,200 team members that donate their time and talent to make our communities stronger and improve our people’s lives as mandated by their vote for Navajo Gaming more than a decade ago.”
As one of the Navajo Nation’s most successful enterprises and largest employers, Navajo Gaming dramatically impacts the Nation’s largest tribe. In addition to this $1.5 Million distribution, Navajo Gaming has:
  • Paid $204 million in wages and benefits ($169,000,000 of which were to members of the Navajo Nation)
  • Created 1200 jobs, 83% held by members of the Navajo Nation
  • Paid more than $93 million in principal and interest to the Navajo Nation Permanent Fund
  • Made $10.9 million in payments to the Navajo Nation Tax Commission
  • Paid $6 million to the Navajo Gaming Distribution Fund
  • Paid $7 million in contracts to Navajo-owned subcontractors
  • Invested $500,000 in Navajo cattle ranchers for the Navajo Beef Program
  • Given $7.4 million contribution of land to the Navajo Nation
“We would like to thank the Navajo Nation Council and President for continuing to support Navajo Gaming,” said Omar Bradley, Navajo Nation Gaming Enterprise Board Member. “As a wholly owned enterprise of the Navajo Nation, we are proud today to demonstrate the value of Navajo Gaming with this $1.5 Million return on investment for the Navajo Nation.”
To learn more about Navajo Gaming visit http://navajogaming.com
About Navajo Gaming:
Navajo Gaming (The Navajo Nation Gaming Enterprise) is a Navajo Nation wholly-owned business entity created by the Navajo Nation in September 2006. NNGE is authorized by the Navajo Nation to develop and operate Navajo casinos in accordance with federal and Navajo Nation laws, as well as the negotiated Navajo Nation-applicable state compacts (New Mexico and Arizona).
Navajo Gaming opened its first Navajo Casino on November 19, 2008 – Fire Rock Navajo Casino in Church Rock Chapter, near Gallup, New Mexico. The second Navajo Casino opened October 13, 2010 – Flowing Water Navajo Casino in Tsé Daak’áán Chapter, near Shiprock, New Mexico. The third Navajo Casino opened January 16, 2012 – Northern Edge Navajo Casino – in Upper Fruitland Chapter, near Farmington, New Mexico. The fourth Navajo Casino – Twin Arrows Navajo Casino Resort – is located in Leupp Chapter, near Flagstaff, Arizona. Currently, Navajo Gaming has 1,200 employees.
Navajo Gaming’s vision includes job growth opportunities for Navajos, to continue returning revenue to the Navajo Nation and continue building the Navajo gaming and hospitality brand.

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  1. Rena Benally February 25, 2016 at 6:12 PM #

    How about setting aside funds for those retired or retiring tribal members. Social Security is not enough to live on.

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