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Navajo & Hopi Families Covid-19 Relief Fund Teams Up with Bashas’ DinÉ Markets to Distribute Personal Protective Equipment KITS

 As COVID-19 cases skyrocket across the United States, the Navajo Nation is experiencing uncontrolled spread in about 55 communities and has entered its second shelter-in-place order. Controlling the spread of COVID is critical, and a key element of success is access to necessary personal protection equipment, or PPE. That’s why the Navajo & Hopi Families […]

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DigDeep Bringing Clean Water to Navajo Homes

When we hear about a “water crisis,” we may be inclined to think of it as a problem somewhere else, but according to DigDeep, a non-profit organization that has been providing running water for those in need, 30% of the families on the Navajo Nation have neither a tap for fresh water nor a toilet. […]

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Martha McSally

Tribal Leaders Praise Sen. McSally’s Leadership on Tribal Gaming Enterprises Fix

U.S. Senator Martha McSally (R-AZ) announced yesterday that small tribal gaming enterprises under 500 employees can now apply for financial relief through the Payment Protection Program (PPP). Her leadership on this issue is receiving widespread support from tribal leaders across the country. Navajo Nation President Jonathan Nez: “We would like to thank Senator McSally for […]

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Horsemans Lodge

Navajo Gaming Considering Options Near Flagstaff

For the Navajo Gaming Enterprise, one of numerous Navajo Nation-owned businesses, 2020 begins with potential. After closing escrow on a 14.1-acre parcel north of Flagstaff, Navajo Gaming is conducting market research to determine best uses for the property, which includes Horsemen Lodge, an iconic steakhouse. Navajo Gaming is just one of 22 different enterprises owned […]

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Empowering Tribes with Clean Energy

Arizona is blessed with an abundance of sun and the resulting solar power it can generate if properly harnessed. Perhaps nowhere is this more true than on the open landscapes of the Hopi Reservation and the Navajo Nation. Suzanne Singer, a member of the Navajo tribe who grew up in Flagstaff, has a background in […]

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Teller Continues Looking Up

As a youngster, Arlando Teller stood in the yard of his Chinle home on the Navajo Reservation and looked up at an azure sky pebbled with popcorn clouds and jet contrails. He wondered where those white streaks crisscrossing the wild blue yonder were headed. When he graduated from Chinle High School in 1991, his continuing […]

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Navajo Business Promoting Culture through Coffee Mugs

Coffee mugs and license plates sharing information about Navajo clans are gaining popularity. The local home-based online Navajo business, www.dinegifts.com, offers cups with the Navajo clan names in Navajo wording and English on the front, while the back has a brief story about the clan’s origin. The metallic license plates have the clan name in […]

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The Navajo Nation Gaming Enterprise Distributes $1.5 Million to Benefit Navajo People

In accordance with The Navajo Nation Gaming Enterprises’ (Navajo Gaming) plan of operation, and through the approval of its Gaming Board, Navajo Gaming, led by Derrick Watchman, CEO recently made a $1.5 Million distribution to the Gaming Distribution Fund. The $1.5 Million distribution, along with Navajo Gaming’s previous $6 Million distribution, reflects the hard work […]

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Hopi and Navajo Benefiting from MGS Funds

Today, in a landmark decision, the California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC) voted to use revenues from the sale of sulfur dioxide allowances from the shut-down Mohave Generating Station (Mohave) to create a revolving fund to pay development deposits for renewable projects that benefit the Hopi Tribe and Navajo Nation.  Mohave was a1580 megawatt coal-fired power […]

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Green Incubator Helping Navajo Startups

On a sunny fall day, Brett Isaac and his team of workers screw solar panels onto a large array at the Tolani Lake Enterprises building on the Navajo Nation. Isaac is the project manager for the Shonto Economic Development Corporation, a solar company on the Navajo Nation. He also is part of a team of […]

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