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Video Team Showcasing Flagstaff

viddeoThey are aiming for a young, video-savvy audience. The team of three at 4 Flag TV wants to entertain, educate and shine the spotlight on what is going on in the community.

They produce three-minute video features about activities in and around Flagstaff and some commercials for local businesses that seem more like features than ads.

Recently, they created a commercial for Custom Sound and the owner is very happy with it.

“I like it a lot,” said owner Ryan Elewaut. “They are great to work with and we got good feedback and it helps with our foot traffic.”

He said the group comes up with cool ideas and in the future may be doing a feature about guitar-making at his shop.

“Each video is storytelling,” said Joey Bono, who works in advertising and sales. “We go beyond the who, what and where adding an element of fun, imagination and quirkiness.”

If a person has a computer or any type of digital communication device, 4 Flag TV can be viewed any time, anywhere, Bono says.

“Unlike cable, you can view it on your own time. Most of our viewership is Flagstaff-based. This is a very good area to have a digital presence because of the young audience. The university is here and it is a great market for this type of medium.”

Bono said none of their millennial peer group subscribes to cable television and prefers to be entertained on their digital devices. They have a large social media presence and are very passionate about what they do.

“I think that is the key,” Bono said.

They work for television station, 4 Corners TV, which is based in Durango, Colorado.

“CEO Doug Bennett wanted to see what was next in trying to reach a growing young audience,” said Bono. “He had the idea to come up with short-form videos that can engage a younger audience and into a new form of entertainment.”

Just more than a year ago, Sarah Healy came to Flagstaff as a trailblazer and scout.

Healy, 29, who is in charge of marketing, says she drove for hours back and forth across the desert to put the team together.

“I was figuring out what was in Flagstaff and most importantly, who do we need on our team,” Healy said.

She found Nick Geib, 29, a producer and photographer who has a background in filmmaking and Bono, 36, who has a background in sociology, having graduated from NAU in 2008.

“Many things I learned are applicable to this job, budding limbs out to the community and reflecting back to them who they are and what they are,” Bono said.

“Sarah helped start this channel and migrated to Flagstaff. She left her comfort zone and really wants to see it succeed, like we all do,” Bono said.

They all do the writing and contribute to the whole process, whether it is a commercial or a three-minute feature.

“We just love working together to create a product that is fun and the first thing about advertising is that many people who notice their advertising do not see it as an ad. They say, ‘I saw that awesome video you did’,” Bono said. “We have a strong Facebook following, and when your video is on our website, we can put those on a link to our Facebook platform. Once they land on our site, they can move around see whatever content they like.”

Patty McCormac, FBN

To learn more about 4 Flag TV, visit the channel or call Bono at 928-221-8049.










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