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Patriots Carrying the Flag for Veterans

About this time last year, Kayla Wagner felt she could not catch a break. Her marriage broke up, she lost her job, she was behind in rent and utilities and, to top it all off, she needed a new tire. It promised to be a very bleak Christmas for her two boys. The Navy veteran […]

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New Year, New Knees

After 400 backcountry hikes into the Grand Canyon, 100 trips down the Colorado River and scores of worldwide excursions spanning a 44-year career, it was no surprise to 65-year-old geologist Wayne Ranney when his knees began to bother him. “I went to the doctor, tried a couple treatments and when they didn’t work, the doctors […]

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Tip of the ICEBERG: NAU Planetary Scientists Developing Large-Scale ‘Imagery-Computing Superhighway’

Scientists are creating ways to compile and interpret an abundance of high-resolution satellite images on a continental scale to better understand Antarctica, Arizona and the world. The same sophisticated satellite imaging techniques being developed to map and identify the size and composition of uncharted land in Antarctica soon may help scientists produce finely detailed geologic […]

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Horsemans Lodge

Navajo Gaming Considering Options Near Flagstaff

For the Navajo Gaming Enterprise, one of numerous Navajo Nation-owned businesses, 2020 begins with potential. After closing escrow on a 14.1-acre parcel north of Flagstaff, Navajo Gaming is conducting market research to determine best uses for the property, which includes Horsemen Lodge, an iconic steakhouse. Navajo Gaming is just one of 22 different enterprises owned […]

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Moving Talent Along Workforce Pipeline

Tristan Steagall, a senior at Coconino High School, demonstrated items he created as part of an engineering class in the Coconino Institute of Technology program at CHS. These included things like a prosthetic hand and forearm made with the help of a 3D printer, Virtual Reality glasses, and a device straight out of an “Iron […]

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Restoring Coral Reefs

A third of a mile off the west coast of Hawaii in Makaiwa Bay, bright white-violet pops of color almost glow from the seafloor some 30 feet below the surface in comfortably warm water. Although pleasant and beautiful to humans, neither the ocean temperature in October nor the color of the coral is a healthy […]

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