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Cultivating a Multi-Million Dollar Boutique Wine Industry

As clouds wash over the Verde Valley on a drizzly spring day, Nikki Bagley shakes the dirt from her gloves and offers a smile of satisfaction. “We’re planting tannat today, which is a minor Bordeaux blending varietal,” she said above the sounds of raking and shoveling. “It’s very dark and tannic so it can be […]

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Worn Wear Wagon Restores Favorite Outdoor Clothing

How confident can a caped crusader feel without his favorite winter jacket? Fortunately, Booker and his mom, Rachel Miranda, won’t have to go another chilly day without it. Patagonia’s Worn Wear Wagon fixed the broken zipper and Flagstaff’s young superhero is back in action. “This is so great,” said Rachel, sporting her well-worn Patagonia jacket […]

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Sustainability in Business: A Case Study

Moving businesses towards sustainability – balancing social, economic, environmental considerations to meet our needs and those of future generations – is something that has always been a charged subject, especially when government takes the initiative. In the current state of our polarized political environment, the government’s ability to act as the motivator for many issues […]

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