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Attracting Wildlife You Want to Your Garden

One of the rewards of creating your garden is being able to sit back and enjoy the nature it attracts. There’s nothing like seeing butterflies float around your plants, bees grabbing pollen from flowers and birds filling up your space with song. In addition, when you bring these insects and birds into your space, you […]

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George Hershey

Caring for Body and Mind

 There is no denying the connection between the mind and body. A large number of doctor visits in the United States are related to behavioral health needs, as well as physical needs. Many individuals receiving care for physical health conditions may also require care for behavioral health conditions and vice versa. Unfortunately, many healthcare services […]

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County Consolidation

County Consolidation Intended to Enhance Customer Connections

Effective this month, Coconino County consolidates the Public Health Services District, Community Services and the Career Center departments into the Health and Human Services Department. “The three teams have a long history of collaboration. We may not have been one department, but this certainly isn’t our first go at working together,” said Deputy County Manager, […]

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Critical Components to the CCC Mission: Partnering, Lifelong Learning

Although the Arizona Legislature showed a commitment to education by supporting public community colleges with one-time funding in the 2019-20 state budget, there is still work for us to do. The temporary nature of that limited funding emphasizes the importance of creating new and expanding partnerships with individual volunteer supporters we call “champions,” businesses, non-profits […]

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Plant, garden, life

Forming Healthy Habits for Sustainable Recovery 

Most of the men who come into treatment are there because their lives have become unmanageable and are in dire need of structure. The carefully designed schedule of Back2Basics mirrors that of a balanced lifestyle, focusing on the discipline required to accomplish the tasks needed to maintain a healthy existence. Creating and adhering to a […]

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Treating Phobias with Hypnotherapy

Overcoming phobias is a common issue seen for hypnotherapy. The following list is from clients seen at Flagstaff Hypnotherapy. A person with arachnophobia (fear of spiders) was the first official client of that practice. Other phobias treated in the clinic include fear of: heights, flying, germs, snakes, needles, blood, pain, tight spaces (including being in […]

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