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Sales Mind/ Don’t Get Sold

Since January 2017, I’ve been investing in education to expand my practice from working with individuals to groups in various ways. Along the way, I’ve been exposed to/been trained in some sales techniques. It is amazing that once I learned the techniques I see them everywhere. Some are obvious while others are less so. They are most effective when they connect primarily at the emotional, not the logical, level.

A common method is to create the feeling of scarcity with limited time and/or availability; seats, places or items. The limitations may be real, but emphasizing the sense of losing out creates a buying pressure not to be left out.

Another technique is to spotlight people who had invested at higher levels. This can be done a number of ways. An especially powerful one includes testimonials about the incredible, life-changing successes of those in the higher-level programs. The idea being that even though what you have now is good, you are cheating yourself by not spending more money to get a better program. A variation of the limited opportunity scenario is the buy now, this price is only available at this event, afterwards it is going to be way more expensive. Again, this creates a hurry up and buy pressure, which doesn’t give you time to step back and logically evaluate if this purchase makes sense for you now or ever.

A method that is a little more subtle is showing a much higher price for what seems like the same thing, that few people would ever pay, and comparing it to this limited, incredible, available-only-here-and-now opportunity.

Basically, most selling is creating awareness of a real or perceived problem, then offering a solution to correct that problem. Marketing is often directed to emotional, subconscious factors of which we are not consciously aware. Try analyzing advertising that is for a service or product that is something you would never use. Notice the language and images. Is it more about feelings or more about facts? Does your “happy place” have anything to do with food? Selling is a mind game; the more aware you are of the techniques, the less likely you are to be played. FBN

By Don Berlyn

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