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Marlboro Man in Action at the Grand Canyon

Some boys do grow up to be cowboys, and some cowboys even grow up to be Marlboro men. Such was the case for Grand Canyon National Park Service (NPS) Wrangler Ed Forbis. Born on a ranch in Deer Lodge, Montana, from the brim of his hat to his well-worn boots, Forbis is a genuine cowboy. His […]

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Challenges Ahead for Alzheimer’s Association Director

Lesley Jenkins, regional director for the Desert Southwest Chapter – Alzheimer’s Association, has a daunting task ahead. It involves creating more awareness and more support groups for what is becoming the most insidious illness attacking Arizonans – dementia caused by Alzheimer’s disease. It is the fifth leading cause of death in the state. Alzheimer’s is […]

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Tapping into the Superpowers of Science

Let’s get one thing straight. Christa Sadler is not that woman in the room in the suit and heels with perfectly manicured nails. “Just don’t make me wear make-up,” she pleaded upon accepting the request to lead the 2020 Flagstaff Festival of Science in the W. L. Gore & Associate’s Keynote Presentation. Sadler is most […]

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Practicing Management by Walking Around

Edward Keable has had a lot of switchbacks he has had to conquer as the new Superintendent of the Grand Canyon National Park (GCNP), but without hesitation, he acknowledges that his new position is a “dream job.” “When I was offered this position, it took me less than a second to say yes,” he said. […]

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Flagstaff Hails Historic Mead Culture

Originating more than 5,000 years ago, mead belongs at the very beginning of the long history of alcoholic libations enjoyed by humans. Mead is mentioned in history and mythology of the ancient cultures of India, China, Greece and Egypt. Simply put, mead is fermented honey, a honey wine made from just water, honey and yeast. […]

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Capturing the Heart of Flagstaff

George Breed is an 82-year-old who spends his time spreading love and wisdom as he walks about Flagstaff. He captures little moments on camera, which develop into big statements about the essence of the town. His warm smile is a joy to come upon, and he seems to be friends with everyone from business executives […]

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Honoring the Power of ATHENA

Colleen A. Smith, Ph.D., believes it’s extremely important to support women in their professional interests and career choices, especially in male-dominated fields. “This support demonstrates to our society that there are options for women that both women and men may have never considered possible until they see women succeeding in these areas. We need to […]

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