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Receiving Credit Where Credit is Due

Now that many of you have had a chance to begin settling into the routine of having your children back in school, it might be time to take a minute or two and look at all of those forms you received at registration. While I am going to address parents whose children are in public […]

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Credit Union Utilizing Latest Technology

Mobile banking arrived at Coconino Federal Credit Union on Sept. 19, making it the very first local bank to offer the service. Jennifer Harris, president and CEO of the credit union, is excited about the new technology. “Mobile banking allows our customer members to access their accounts 24/7 from their cell phones,” she said. “They […]

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Credit Card Costs

Most consumers choose their credit and debit cards for a reason. Some offer free airline miles, other cards add a percentage to a child’s college account or even have cash refunds. But few consumers know why the businesses they frequent accept, or don’t accept, certain credit and debit cards, what card transactions cost the merchant […]

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Customers Seeking Relief From Bank Fees

As news of new and steeper banking fees has swept the nation, so has speculation that there will be a mass exodus to credit unions, which, because of their unique missions, are more likely to hold off on such charges. So far, the movement of customers from banks to credit unions in Northern Arizona is […]

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Credit Union’s Shred-A-Thon Protecting Identity Theft

The Arizona State Credit Union’s Shred‐A‐Thon will make its second stop in Flagstaff Tuesday, August 9, before completing the 2011 tour with stops in Prescott and Prescott Valley. This free event helps members of the community by raising awareness about the importance of shredding personal documents to protect against identity theft. “I am inspired by […]

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