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What Day is it?

We are enjoying the nice weather and here comes two feet of snow. It took some of us a few days to shovel ourselves out, which made us feeling like we should be singing Christmas carols. Within a few days, the snow is just about gone and spring is once again in the air. Back […]

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Don’t Ignore Risk of Flooding

Water is essential to life, but when it comes in the form of a flood, it can inflict severe financial damage and even render a home unlivable. You can alleviate that risk with flood insurance, but it is important to understand its terms and conditions. You might think you are at greater risk from fire […]

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New Business Displaying at Art Walk

Flagstaff business owners Maureen Adras and Leslie Jackson  will display some of their works at the First Friday Artwalk.  The owners of BoldCow make recycling furniture into an art form.  The one-of-a-kind furniture is taken through many stages before it is considered ready for sale. Jackson and Adras are featuring their work at The Seasoned […]

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Neighborhood Associations–An Economic Development Tool

A significant factor in economic development for our community is strong and involved neighborhoods. The city recently invested $1.8 million for improvements to the Southside in the form of new pavement, sidewalks, trash receptacles, and bicycle parking amenities. Because of that investment and efforts from the Southside Neighborhood Association, we are already beginning to see […]

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