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Property Zoning Makes a Difference

All major development projects are not alike. Some projects come before City Council and have a lot of public input, for and against. We have hours-long Council meetings about traffic and the neighborhood impact, design, lighting, etc. But other significant developments do not come before Council at all. The difference is the zoning of the […]

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Sedona Resort Completing $25 Million Renovation

It’s easy to understand Myra DeGersdorff’s enthusiasm about upgrades at Enchantment Resort and Spa. As general manager of the property, nestled among Sedona’s breathtaking red rocks, $25 million can go a long way in creating magnificence. DeGersdorff has been in the business for three decades and calls this the best renovation she has ever seen. […]

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Spotlight Video: Hope Construction

David Carpenter of Hope Construction is known as Flagstaff’s Green Builder.  Well known for his company’s quality construction and remodeling projects, Carpenter also works closely with property owners seeking energy audits.  (928) 527-3159   or www.hopeconstructionaz.com

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Making Transactions Happen for Clients

Hospitality: Approximately $11.4 billion in lodging assets sold in the first half of 2011, compared to $4.9 billion in the first half of 2010 (CoStar).   Multi-family: Apartment transaction volume surged 132 percent from this time last year until now (Real Capital Analytics).   Office: The U.S. office market absorbed 12.0 million square feet in […]

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FBN recently spoke with Mark Guard, owner of Guardian Appraisal Services in Flagstaff.  Guard has been in business for many years, and seen his industry change significantly since the start of the recession.  While lending agencies are changing the way they do business, most people believe honest appraisers are more important to property owners than ever […]

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Don’t Ignore Risk of Flooding

Water is essential to life, but when it comes in the form of a flood, it can inflict severe financial damage and even render a home unlivable. You can alleviate that risk with flood insurance, but it is important to understand its terms and conditions. You might think you are at greater risk from fire […]

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Flagstaff Rabies Quarantine in Effect

The Rabies Quarantine, enacted by the  Coconino County Board of Supervisors,  begins  Monday  and continues through August 12. It will allow for the placement of the oral rabies vaccination (ORV) packets in the greater Flagstaff area.  When residents keep their pets indoors it will help to ensure the bait packets are ingested by the intended […]

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Tax Increase Largely Offset by Valuations Drop

The Coconino County Board of Supervisors has been meeting with county departments and has a preliminary budget for the upcoming fiscal year.  The supervisors are  scheduled to preliminary adopt the budget on June 14, 2011, in a public meeting.  Final adoption will occur on July 12, 2011, with the final tax rates set on August […]

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State of Emergency–AZ’s Wallow Fire Updates

Governor Jan Brewer today signed a Declaration of Emergency in response to the wildfires raging in Apache and Greenlee Counties. This declaration releases $200,000 from the Governor’s Emergency Funds (via the State General Fund) to pay for emergency responses and recovery expenses for damage resulting from the fires. The funding will support costs not covered by […]

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Arizona’s New Smokin’ Deals

Editor’s Note: The Arizona Department of Health Services Director Will Humble is refusing to accept applications for dispensaries.  He is concerned that Arizona will be subject to lawsuits and he is waiting for a federal court ruling on the issue.  In the meantime, Arizona is issuing identification cards to patients who have a doctor’s recommendation […]

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