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Bob Baker

Grand Canyon Railway General Manager: A Man in Motion

A sign posted on the wall of the Grand Canyon Railway locomotive shop states, “Expect movement on any tracks from any direction…at any time.”  Though a good reminder for engineers and mechanics working on the trains, the advice spells out sage wisdom for Bob Baker’s position as general manager of train operations as well. With […]

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Canyon Receiving Grand Support

Coming together to sponsor and commemorate the Grand Canyon’s 100th anniversary Centennial celebration, Arizona Public Service (APS), Bank of America (BofA) and Teva have partnered with Grand Canyon Conservancy (GCC), to strengthen environmental, cultural, tribal, educational and conservation projects at the world-famous attraction. “This support makes it possible for us to protect the canyon’s unique resources […]

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Buck Wild

Humming Along the Rim with Buck Wild  

Humvees have joined helicopters, airplanes, river rafts and mules as another interesting way to explore the Grand Canyon.  Known as the oldest and largest sightseeing company in the world, Papillon Group is extending its services to include Buck Wild Hummer Tours with custom built Humvee excursions.     After 50 plus years of serving the Grand Canyon, […]

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Grand Canyon Hike Aiding in Recovery

At the height of his heroin addiction, Aaron D. couldn’t gather the mental, physical or emotional strength to walk from his car to the grocery store, let alone contemplate a 21-hour hike through The Grand Canyon. However, with six-months sobriety under his belt, Aaron just completed one such hike, doing a so-called rim-to-rim-to-rim hike of […]

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Death by Outhouse is Nothing to Poo Poo

Outhouses may feel like a convenient lifesaver for those who really need to go in the woods, but they can become a nasty deathtrap for birds. Cavity nesters like woodpeckers, Boreal Owls and American Kestrels are going into the dark openings of the ventilation pipes – perhaps to roost, cache some food or build a […]

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Grand Canyon Cafe Turns to New Chapter

The front door of the Grand Canyon Café in downtown Flagstaff was swinging open and shut multiple times on Wednesday, Sept. 13, and two waitresses inside moved rapidly between booths alive with animated and hungry customers seated for late breakfast or early lunches. The smell of frying bacon and eggs and toasting bread wafted out […]

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Canyon by Day and Universe at Night

    Pilgrims to the Grand Canyon are mesmerized as they peer into the depths of the rocky chasm. But thanks to a legion of dedicated stargazers, they are beginning to realize that looking upward toward the heavens at night can be as rewarding as the daytime downward gaze. In June, these amateur astronomers gathered […]

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