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Lowell Observatory’s Expanding Universe

It’s not only with the new Discovery Channel Telescope (DCT) that operations are getting bigger at Lowell Observatory. They’ve also been hiring new staff, revamping the website and expanding outreach activities. A lot of the money to fund the upswing in research activity at the observatory has come through the hard work of its research […]

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The Increasing Popularity of Thrift Stores

In the midst of the season for peak sales at conventional retail outlets and in the current economic climate, you might expect that local thrift stores have been struggling, at least for donations. But a recent poll of thrift store managers across Flagstaff shows that sales are holding up well. Indeed, a quiet revolution is […]

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Partnering for Watchable Wildlife

One of the great advantages of living in Northern Arizona is the chance to see all sorts of wildlife. Now, knowing where you’ll have the best chance to do that in the Flagstaff area should soon be easier. Arizona Game and Fish Department (AZGFD) is developing a new Watchable Wildlife program for the Flagstaff area. […]

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A New Era for Flagstaff Telecom

Fueled by its takeover of Qwest, Louisiana-based CenturyLink has been growing like wildfire. But in a state that’s had more than enough wildfires recently, will this and Suddenlink’s recent acquisition of NPG Cable mean Flagstaff business and residential telecom customers will get an improvement on speeds of high speed Internet? Up until now, the best […]

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Green Energy Generators Reducing Wildlife Collisions

Almost everyone wants to see more renewable power generation, but the compromise between conservationists and power companies can be an uneasy one. Just recently, a prairie dog colony was evicted from a site in East Flagstaff, while turbines at the pending wind power generation site near Williams may kill birds and bats, as well as […]

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Region Escaping Worst of Equine Virus

The recent outbreak of equine herpes across a number of western states, including Arizona, could not have come at a worse time in the season, according to Northern Arizona veterinarian Dr. Jim Maciulla. He explains that the scare over the virus happened during the middle of a series of major horse shows, rodeos and roping […]

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Revolutionary Road for Rangelands

We often take the landscapes around us and those who manage them for granted. But as resources become scarcer, they become more valued. Hence, the growing interest in Payments for Ecosystem Services (PES). PES offers financial incentives to farmers or landowners to manage their land to provide an ecological service. And it’s a topic important […]

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The Outlook for Pine Canyon

There has been little in the news about the prestigious Pine Canyon development on the southern edge of Flagstaff since the developer, Lonetree Investments Inc., declared bankruptcy in September. Yet, security guards still staff the entrance gates and the adjacent realty office is still open for sales. A springtime drive around the development reveals beautifully […]

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