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Science Offering Another Reason to Exercise

If binging on Netflix sounds more appealing than going to the gym, consider this: scientists are finding that cardiovascular exercise is having positive effects on the human gut microbiome — the community of trillions of tiny organisms that thrive inside the dark, wet, warm walls of our intestines. That is important because research is linking […]

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Research: Providing Answers to the Things That Frighten Us

As large bags of candy spill off shelves and children’s costumes fill store aisles, it is impossible to ignore the fact that Halloween is around the corner! In an increasingly complex world, however, it does not take a holiday to remind us of frightening things. There are diseases not yet cured, environmental and societal threats […]

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Businesses Gaining from NAU Students’ Marketing Research

While the term “win-win” may seem a bit passé these days, here is a situation in which it applies perfectly. At Northern Arizona University, two classes are offered that help businesses with very effective marketing plans for free and help students take what they have learned from their marketing classes to apply in real business […]

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Same Kids, Different World

There’s this thing that I call the Gee-Whiz Syndrome. A possible corruption of the decidedly outdated, “geewhillikins,” or euphemism for “Jesus” expressed as an invective, “gee whiz” is often used nowadays as an adjective to describe the naïve wonder attached to something new or unheard of, like gee-whiz technology, to characterize the latest gadgetry. The […]

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Lowell Observatory’s Expanding Universe

It’s not only with the new Discovery Channel Telescope (DCT) that operations are getting bigger at Lowell Observatory. They’ve also been hiring new staff, revamping the website and expanding outreach activities. A lot of the money to fund the upswing in research activity at the observatory has come through the hard work of its research […]

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Exploring Options for More Local Food Production

Despite living at 7,000 feet where Mother Nature follows her own rulebook, a group of people is working to increase options for locally grown food. Flagstaff-based Local Fare was started by some Northern Arizona University students and faculty members who saw both a need and an opportunity. One of the group’s members is Joanna Hale. […]

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$1.5 Million Gift Endows Chair for NAU Program

A $1.5 million endowment gift from alumna Marcey Olajos has created the Charles Olajos and Ted Goslow Chair of Environmental Science and Policy for the Southwest at Northern Arizona University. The chair, to support interdisciplinary work linking scientific research and public policy, will be housed initially in NAU’s College of Engineering, Forestry and Natural Sciences. […]

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USGS Bringing Millions to Flagstaff Economy

The Flagstaff Science Campus (FSC) of the United States Geological Survey (USGS) has played an integral part in scientific research as a training hub for moon-bound astronauts since its beginnings in the early 1960s. While the FSC has moved into more diversified fields of study, it remains a vital part of Flagstaff’s economy and of […]

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