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Market Enduring for Traditional Rugs

The RB Burnham Trading Post exists in two worlds. There’s its home in Sanders on the Navajo reservation. Then there’s the outside world, the one that passes through in a trickle of tourists, the one that five generations of Burnhams have greeted, and more recently, traveled out to meet. The trading post started in Dinnebito, […]

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Foreclosure Intervention Options for Troubled Borrowers

When President Barack Obama announced help for struggling homeowners in April 2009, millions of homeowners facing foreclosure or payment resets breathed a collective sigh of relief. What most of them didn’t expect was how much time, effort and paperwork would be involved, and how difficult it would be to qualify for many government assistance programs. […]

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The Big House: Cost vs. Risk in Small Town AZ

  The capture of the third of three escaped murderers from Arizona State Prison – Kingman has quieted fears of law-abiding citizens, but the daring escape leaves northern Arizonans questioning the benefits of prisons in their local neighborhoods. Prisons bring positive economic impact to a community. But do jobs created by prisons balance the negatives? […]

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