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Streaming–A Game Changer

With the popularity of new technologies like e-readers and smartphones, streaming and downloading entertainment is becoming quite common. As a result, retail entertainment businesses in Flagstaff are making some adjustments. Rock-It-Man Rock-It-Man music storeowner Ben Gersten claims the downloading trend has influenced him to stock fewer CDs and bring in more vinyl. “Young adults are […]

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Business Reducing Landfill Waste

Landfill reduction is a hot topic in sustainability circles these days. But reducing landfill waste may be difficult for many small businesses. Cecilia Chavez and husband Terry Calvo have teamed up with Frank Garcia and Jenny Zamora-Garcia to provide Flagstaff businesses with an easy way to reduce waste by recycling inkjet and toner cartridges. The […]

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Entrepreneurs Choosing Mobile Platforms

In Flagstaff’s restaurant scene, there are new faces on the block, and some of those new faces are changing their blocks from week to week. They’re joining some of the seasoned favorites, like the Hot Dog Guy, whose colorful umbrella is as much a part of downtown Flagstaff as the tables at Late for the […]

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