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Picture Perfect Pitch

Moonshot at NACET, which for 20 years has used in-person mentoring, pitch contests and conferences to inspire and mentor budding entrepreneurs in Flagstaff and beyond, is now pivoting to provide that guidance and support in the era of social distancing. The non-profit is launching Mission Control Startup Pitch, a free service connecting new entrepreneurs with […]

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Exploring Opportunities, Events for Business Start-Ups

Start-ups are new businesses that come from a person’s idea, drive, inspiration and courage. They are an engine for individual success, and they create new jobs and new products and services that enrich daily life. Start-ups, in many ways, embody the pioneer spirit of America. They are about stepping out into unknown territory and exploring. […]

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Shark Tank Winners

Shooting for the Moon

It is an entertaining business model that has drawn many admirers – a panel of business experts who listen to pitches from budding entrepreneurs, invest in projects and offer marketing tips. Case in point, the popular Shark Tank reality TV program on ABC that has attracted an increasing number of viewers since it premiered in […]

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Moonshot Reaches Beyond Northern Arizona  

The concept of a launchpad for a moonshot took hold of the nation’s consciousness in 1961 when President John F. Kennedy declared that the United States would focus its energy on sending American astronauts into space with the goal of successfully landing on the moon.  Flagstaff played an important role in launching this dream, serving […]

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Amazon, NACET Collaboration Offering Businesses Digital Toolkit

Moonshot at NACET, the entrepreneur development program based at the Northern Arizona Center for Entrepreneurship and Technology, is collaborating with Amazon Web Services (AWS) to make Flagstaff the first U.S. city to offer the AWS “CloudStart” program to startup businesses. AWS CloudStart, originally designed to assist entire countries in accelerating digital economies, provides a suite […]

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