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Shooting for Excellence in the Office, Arena

One of the best teachers Janel Miller ever had was a horse named Rowdy. Miller, who competes in mounted shooting as a hobby, said when a person first gets into the sport a seasoned horse helps them learn. “He had trained hundreds of people in my sport when they first started.” Rowdy was owned by […]

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Ruth Ann Border Making a Visible Difference

Ruth Ann Border, owner of Visible Difference, thinks of her Flagstaff art supply store as a ship. “I am the captain, the crew, the clean up and I’m fueling the boilers.” She stays busy. Visible Difference opened in the mid-70s. Border bought it in 2005. “I decided to keep the name,” she said. “It has […]

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Building Teams, Highways, Solutions

Lucinda Andreani is not your typical county public works director. First, she is a woman. Second, she is not an engineer. And third, she brings a more entrepreneurial edge to how she runs things. She does not adhere to the status quo. “I am someone who values diversity and a different perspective.” Her approach to […]

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Drone Pilot Capturing Northland Adventures

Chad de Alva’s favorite people are those who are comfortable being uncomfortable – people who are out there in wind, rain, snow and sand – people like himself who are thankful to be out there knowing it is better than being in a cubicle somewhere. The video drone operator and photographer is happiest skirting on […]

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  Lifestyle Change Reflected on the Menu

Late last month, the historic Grand Canyon Café was sold. Paul Moir, one of the buyers, said he hopes to take the restaurant to its 100th year. “I’m 48 now, so I’ll be 75 then. I can see that happening,” said Moir. “I think it will be realistic to take it there. The Grand Canyon […]

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Mule Team Boss Enjoying the Journey

In the last century, history has painted illustrious stories about mules and the Grand Canyon, and surprisingly, according to John Berry, livery manager for Xanterra’s South Rim mule operation, not a whole lot has changed. “That’s what I really like about my job,” said Berry. “Living in this high-tech, fast-paced society, I can ride a […]

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Engineer Impacting Lives Behind the Scenes

With most of the work being done in an office on a computer, the life of a civil engineer is usually uneventful. But there were a few days in July 2010 when six engineering firms, including Turner Engineering, had a very short time to figure out a way to keep expected destructive flood waters away […]

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