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Scientists Gather for Cosmic Impact

The notion of an asteroid hurtling toward earth and wreaking havoc on our planet might seem like the plot in a Hollywood movie, but to scientists attending the International Academy of Astronautics (IAA) Conference on Planetary Defense, the idea isn’t so far-fetched. “A recent impact air burst near Chelyabinsk, Russia, reminded the world that near-Earth […]

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Music Setting the Party Mood

In the steady stream of details that go into planning a dream wedding, picking the music sometimes gets pushed to the back of the list. This can be a big mistake, since having the right music at a wedding often means the difference between a ho-hum event and a truly unforgettable occasion. In an effort […]

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Pet Owners Quality Care for Beloved Animals

It is a common dilemma pet owners face: What to do with their animals when they travel. Vacations, family emergencies and other circumstances mean not only separation between animal and owner but a disruption in their daily routine. One solution more than 30 million pet-owners choose annually is to utilize professional boarding services when temporary […]

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Northern Arizonans Keeping it Fresh

With the New Year upon us, resolutions abound. Topping the list each year is often a health, fitness or weight-loss related goal. For many, meeting this goal means signing up at a gym come January, the busiest month for fitness clubs. Gym memberships have been consistently growing over the past decade, reaching an overall number […]

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Good Business Plan Includes Preparing For Disaster

One quarter of all businesses that close because of a disaster never reopen, according to the Institute of Business and Home Safety. Statistics like this demonstrate the importance for business owners to evaluate their potential risk of damage and take steps to lessen that risk ahead of time. “Whether the disaster comes in the form […]

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Partnerships Creating Successful Business Models

As Northern Arizona University prepares for a new semester, partnerships continue to play a big role in the campus progress. It is no secret that many public sector organizations are facing challenging financial issues and looking for ways to augment their budgets. Public-private partnerships are one solution that is now being used in a wide […]

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Startups Investing in Southside

On a cramped corner just south of the tracks, Phoenix Ave. and Mikes Pike to be exact, sits a large brick industrial building. The Milum Building, once home to a textile mill, now has three new budding businesses, continuing the trend of redevelopment for Flagstaff’s Southside. “We wanted to be in Southside from the earliest […]

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