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Largest Forest Stewardship Contract Awarded

Today, the Forest Service selected its contractor for the largest stewardship contract in the agency’s history.  The contract will result in 300,000 acres of restoration-based thinning over 10 years, improving forest health, reducing the risk from wildfire to communities, creating jobs, and improving local economies.   This contract represents the culmination of many years of […]

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Flagstaff Contractor Among Best U.S.Remodelers

Remodeling Magazine’s just released list of the most successful remodelers in the country, lists Hope Construction among the best. Founded by David Carpenter, Hope Construction made the the most successful 550 Remodelers in the country list.   Hope Construction is a full service general contracting company in Flagstaff. These services encompass new home design, new home […]

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The Important Pre-Construction Process

In previous articles, we’ve discussed the importance of choosing a licensed contractor with good references and compared the negotiated bid versus the competitive bid. After the general contractor (GC) has been selected, there are several pre-construction processes that need to happen:   The Contract: This document will govern every step of the construction project, so […]

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Choosing the Best Bidding Option for Your Project

In previous articles, we’ve discussed building contractor selection. Part of this process is determining what type of contract you want. Projects generally fall into two categories: negotiated bid and competitive bid. Both new construction and remodeling present challenges because owners are often unsure of exactly what is involved in relation to the associated costs. If […]

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Hiring a Licensed Contractor Makes Good Sense

“Not a licensed contractor.” You may have seen or heard these words at the end of ads for contracting services. Why would someone add this statement? Because it’s the law. A.R.S. 32-1121A-14(c) requires that the advertising party, if not properly licensed as a contractor, disclose that fact on any form of advertising to the public […]

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