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Teresa Peterson is a practitioner of Bowenwork, a healing path which integrates the whole body and restores balance.  Peterson has a diverse professional background. She believes in giving back as an essential part of running a business and does this in several ways.  She told Flagstaff Business News about the rewarding career she created for […]

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Weighing the Need for a Long-Term Care Policy

  Every individual faces the risk of paying for some type of long-term care expense. The older we get, the more likely we will become a statistic in need of long-term care. Thus, it would be wise to establish a plan to pay for such expenses. This does not mean you necessarily need a policy, […]

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Preparing for Wildfire Season

Last year, after experiencing one of the snowiest winters on record, we experienced three serious wildfires in our area. The first, Eagle Rock, burned north of Parks for several days in mid-June, eventually burning over 3,000 acres and requiring the commitment of hundreds of firefighters to suppress. Then, even as this fire continued, the Hardy […]

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Hiring a Licensed Contractor Makes Good Sense

“Not a licensed contractor.” You may have seen or heard these words at the end of ads for contracting services. Why would someone add this statement? Because it’s the law. A.R.S. 32-1121A-14(c) requires that the advertising party, if not properly licensed as a contractor, disclose that fact on any form of advertising to the public […]

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