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What Kind of 2021 Reset Do You Need?

Most of us were more than ready to show 2020 the door and cross our fingers that 2021 will be better. It’s time to reset, but where do you start? For most of my patients, family and friends, the most useful resets need to happen in three areas. These areas are diet, stress and exercise. […]

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Building Resilience: Five Simple Steps to Thrive

My friends, winter is coming. Between flu season and being in the midst of a global pandemic, it’s really easy to get sucked into the fear narrative, get angry at the behaviors of others, and feel powerless to do anything. Realistically, none of us can control other people’s behavior. We can’t stop people from having […]

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Nourishing the Back-to-School Brain

As we are preparing our children and ourselves to take on the new academic year, our attention may naturally turn to brain function. How can we equip our children to do their best? And how can we function optimally, as well? Less rest, greater cognitive demand and a more hectic schedule increase stress and unbalance. […]

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