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NAR Hosting Women’s Wellness Day

Northern Arizona Radiology is hosting a Women’s Wellness Day on Saturday, September 10 from 9 a.m.-2 p.m. Women who schedule a mammogram or bone density exam for that day will also be treated to several free wellness therapies and health information just for women including: · Facial skin analysis by Dr. Angela Wyatt of Angela […]

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Web-Based Business Tools

Sept. 20th  Beginning at 6:00 p.m., www.FlagTechTalk.com is hosting an educational lecture designed to break technical barriers. Have you ever needed a software tool such as a photo editor but do not want to pay for Photoshop? Does your staff need to be able to share information about customers? Do you need mobile access to […]

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Bicycle Enthusiasts Supporting FMC’s Taylor House

The 11th annual Taylor House Century Ride, set for Saturday, Sept. 24, will give avid cyclists and citizen riders the opportunity to ride through the amazing views of Northern Arizona while supporting a good cause. Sponsored by Dell and Absolute Bikes the proceeds will benefit The Taylor House, a special home away from home for […]

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Understanding and Incorporating QR Codes

As I look around at the many advertisements that surround us, I have noticed more and more crazy little barcodes as part of the advertisement. These barcode images resemble a square-like maze. What are these codes? These are called EZcodes or QR (Quick Response) codes. They are a two-dimensional barcode created and designed to be […]

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Newsletter Explaining Market Volatility

This past week the volatility of the stock market has caused us all some concern and more than likely prompted you  to “surf the net” for more information about what to expect in the future. Stephanie McKinney, at National bank of Arizona, offers a complimentary email news letter to anyone that is interested.  If you are looking for additional market information and […]

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Flagstaff Rabies Quarantine in Effect

The Rabies Quarantine, enacted by the  Coconino County Board of Supervisors,  begins  Monday  and continues through August 12. It will allow for the placement of the oral rabies vaccination (ORV) packets in the greater Flagstaff area.  When residents keep their pets indoors it will help to ensure the bait packets are ingested by the intended […]

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Technology 101

July 19th  Cutting Through the Technology Hype- Presented by Bret Carpenter of Orig’native.  The presentation will be held at Pizza Furiosa at 6:00 p.m.  Carpenter will take a sensible approach to deciphering all the incoming messages about The Cloud, Tablets, iPads, Mobility, etc.  More information is available at www.FlagTechTalk.com  or 928)526-6991

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Think About Diversity of Thought

A business that recognizes and develops a culture that operates on acceptance can overcome diversity-related business challenges. Increasing performance through enhanced engagement is just the beginning. But what is diversity? We usually define diversity by what we can see – age, gender, race, sexual orientation and ethnicity. What most of us miss is diversity of […]

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Officials Addressing State’s Post-Fire Flooding Threats

Those familiar with the emergency lifecycle know that a wildfire response does not end with 100 percent containment. The only thing that changes is the mission. The Arizona Division of Emergency Management (ADEM) yesterday convened tribal, federal and state agencies to discuss potential post-fire flooding threats in communities impacted by the Wallow, Horseshoe Two and […]

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Veteran Homebuyer Workshop

July 14th  at the American Legion Hall.  204 W. Birch Street, Flagstaff.  The meeting from 6-9:00 p.m. will help military veterans and active duty soldiers learn more about the process of purchasing a home.  More information is available through MANA Support in Flagstaff.

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