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Technological Innovations Coming to Flagstaff Public Library

The Flagstaff Public Library is embarking on several technological ventures that will enhance the quality of public services and collection development. The implementation of RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) technology will enable the library an opportunity at broadening inventory control, acting as a cost deterrent for missing items, while providing exemplary service in materials handling and […]

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NAU is Educating the Workforce of Today and Tomorrow

Each year I lead NAU, I am more excited about the future of this university. Our growing enrollment means we are bringing outstanding education to more students, our ties to our community are stronger, and the quality of our faculty and staff is opening more opportunities than ever before. I am hopeful this is the […]

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Best Plans for Reaching Financial Resolutions

While New Year’s resolutions can be hard to keep, they may also make you much more likely to achieve your goals than if you had not made a resolution at all. Create emergency savings. Life is full of unexpected emergencies, so prepare for unpredictable expenses by putting aside six to eight months of expenses in […]

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NAU Business Dean—Out in the Country

Mom was worried … very worried. When Tracy (my wife) and I bought our little ranchette, my mother exclaimed, “What? Are you sure? You’re a city boy!” Mom had a point. In my younger days, I did enough manual work to last me a lifetime; by the time I left college, I was over manual […]

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Karon LynnAudio

The Trinity of Hearing Part 3: The Audiologist

This is part three of a three-part series on hearing loss and the relationship of the three primary elements, or the Trinity of players, involved in facilitating hearing as efficiently as possible. This Trinity includes the family, the hearing-impaired person and the hearing health-care provider.  “Blindness cuts us off from things; deafness cuts us off […]

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Work Out

Commit to Fit: Steps to Keeping Your Fitness Resolutions

All of the gym treadmills are full, everyone’s posting pics of their healthy meal-planning conquests and you’ve purchased the latest heart-rate measuring, sleep-monitoring, calorie-counting wearable thing out there. A few weeks into the New Year and all of this can only mean one thing. Like millions of others, you made a New Year’s resolution to […]

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County Addressing Sale of Tobacco, Vapor Products

To keep tobacco and vapor products out of the hands of youth under age 18, the Coconino County Board of Supervisors last year adopted an ordinance that requires all tobacco and vapor products to be placed, stored and displayed in a manner that is inaccessible to the public without employee assistance in a retail setting. […]

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T Paul Thomas

“Ask the CEO”

Honesty Should Be the Policy in a Family Business  As many of you know, I am fortunate enough to teach at Northern Arizona University. One of my courses is Management 300i where we teach students the basics for starting a business. They learn about writing a business plan, understanding the market, finding funding, staffing and […]

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