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Treating an Ankle Sprain

For many in Flagstaff active in various types of sports and recreation, an ankle sprain is an unfortunate and uncomfortable set back. Recently, a good friend of mine sustained her first ankle sprain and we had a long discussion regarding various aspects of this injury. This is the gist of our conversation and the answers […]

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Understanding One-Sided Hearing Loss

Do you or someone you know have a hearing loss in one ear and were told nothing could be done about it? That was the common misconception many years ago. With this type of hearing loss, a person will experience difficulty understanding speech in a noisy room and locating the source of a sound. Many […]

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Just the (Fascia) Facts: Why Myofascial Release is so Beneficial

Fascia is the head-to-toe connective tissue that runs throughout the entire body. The fascia encompasses all the body’s internal structures, connecting everything together, even penetrating the muscles, organs and fatty tissues, and connecting bones to muscles and organs to each other. It looks like an extremely large spider web, with each thread connecting to another, […]

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Kicking Off the United Way Campaign: United We Win!

This month, Coconino County kicked off its annual United Way of Northern Arizona (UWNA) Fundraising Campaign for our employees. As a Pacesetter for UWNA, we start our campaign early and end sooner to help set the tone for the rest of the area. We, at the county, could not succeed as much as we do […]

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 ER, Urgent Care or Orthopaedic Urgent Clinic?

Injuries and illnesses occur when you least expect them. Local urgent care centers can give a person the medical care they need, usually at a fraction of the cost or time of an emergency room (ER). They provide care for a wide variety of sicknesses, diseases and other conditions. However, there is another type of […]

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  CASA of Coconino County Honoring Grandparent Caregivers

On Sept. 10, grandparents around the nation will be honored for all the love and support they give to children in their lives. The Court Appointed Special Advocate (CASA) Program of Coconino County would like to especially honor the grandparents in our community who have taken in grandchildren who were abused or neglected. In Arizona, […]

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Research Linking Exercise to Reduced Hearing Loss

Researchers have shown us that exercise is good for your hearing! We all know that regular exercise helps reduce weight gain, improves bone density, increases cardiovascular fitness and even helps to support your immune system. Now, the results are showing that lack of aerobic exercise in mice caused the structures inside the hearing organ (cochlea) […]

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