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Tevis Reich

Common Legal Tools For Collecting Money You Are Owed

You have sent numerous bills to your client, but have not received payment in return. You have sent letters threatening escalated action with no results. Your phone calls are being ignored. At this point, you can give up and write off the debt, hire a collection agency, hire an attorney or you may wish to […]

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See Your Possibilities, Not Your Limitations

For almost two decades, my email signature has ended with “See your possibilities, not your limitations.” I borrowed this sentence from a brief moment in a pretty bad movie. I remember nothing else about the film, only that line, but when the actor uttered the words, it was quite an epiphany for me; this is […]

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Uncovering Pain in Seniors with Dementia

Many studies indicate that although dementia patients experience severe or chronic pain, they regularly receive fewer analgesics than healthy senior adults. This can primarily be attributed to the fact that while a healthy senior can verbalize pain and discomfort, dementia patients, especially those in the late stages, cannot. Pain reporting is dependent on memory and […]

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Uncomfortable? Good.

Growth only happens when you stretch. It’s when you’re uncomfortable, when you push yourself, when you struggle, that you break through to new capabilities. In startups and entrepreneurship, especially a first startup, it all feels like a stretch. Because it is. You never know what you can do until you do it for the first […]

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Preparing Your Pets for a Future Without You

If you have a furry friend, you know your pet relies on you for every need. What would your pet do without you? Although pets are legally considered to be property, to those of us who own pets, they’re more like members of the family. And so, just as you make preparations to care for […]

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New Dentistry Model Operating in Flagstaff

Flagstaff Modern Dentistry, a new practice that opened in April on Regent St. and Butler Ave., is operating under the PRIVATE PRACTICE + business model. As the first of its kind in town, the model works as a partnership between the dentist and the regional company, Pacific Dental Services, which supports the practice by managing […]

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Karon LynnAudio

How Sleep Apnea Can Cause Hearing Loss

Sleep apnea is a common disorder that affects about 18 million Americans, according to the National Sleep Foundation. Most of us think of sleep apnea as snoring with periodic gasping or “snorting” noises. Sleep apnea interrupts sleep and can cause excessive daytime fatigue and other symptoms such as generalized inflammation, cardiovascular and endocrine problems. More […]

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Badger Flagstaff Surgical

Focusing on Men’s Health

Over the past few years, the national media has often focused on men’s health. While this serves men well in general, it has at times only increased their confusion on how to optimize their health. Conflicting information abounds on prostate cancer screening and treatment, the risks of testosterone supplementation, and the appropriate treatment for BPH. […]

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Fixing Missing Teeth

Do you hide your smile because you are missing teeth? Is it hard for you to chew food? If you have problems because of missing teeth, see your dentist. Together, you can talk about choices that may help fix your smile. Bridges Bridges are used when one or a few teeth are missing. They replace […]

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T Paul Thomas

Speak the Language: Remember, It Is the Little Things

For my column this month, I have decided to write about two things that I experienced in the last 30 days. Both have real world lessons for anyone running a company or managing a business or employees. Speak the Language My youngest son, Ross, will be graduating from Northern Arizona University in December and we […]

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